Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

My Dad is my most favorite person in the whole world. I only wish there were more men like him. He works harder than anyone I know and never with the slightest complaint. Nothing brings him down and his sense of humor and positivity remain intact through even the darkest of times.

From the very beginning, he was so proud of me and made sure that I knew it. His kisses and "I love you, baby"s were always a constant.

On this father's day, he is working in the fields in the sweltering heat. He stopped by the house at lunchtime for a quick drink of koolaid and some aspirin...And a hug from me.

Many years have passed since I was that baby girl, but he is still my favorite. He still makes me laugh like no one else can and is still just as willing to take care of anything I need. I am the luckiest.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers, past, present, and future. You are shaping lives with every move you make. I love you Daddy-o! Now more than ever before.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ballparks and Patios

Hey yall!
I've emerged from my wedding workshop momentarily to catch you up on the happenings around here lately. Every weekend has been jam packed with wedding to-do's and summertime fun.
As you may know, my wedding is now just 7 weeks away, and my maid of honor's wedding is...gasp...2 weeks away! My nerves are a little on edge just thinking about it, but it's a nice excitement.

We hosted a couples shower at our house for Lindsay and Brandon and had a great time hanging out with everyone on a comfy summer night.

{Guests of honor}

The men entertained themselves with beer and baggo.

And ladies chatted on the porch.

Meg and I gave baggo a good 'ole college try...And failed. Miserably. I have since improved my skills. Seriously.

Linz with her monogrammed fondant from her red velvet cupcakes.

Maids of Honor, mutually.

Our Arkansas summer heat made these cupcakes some slippery lil suckers. Here you can see the entire pile of icing on Brandon's cupcake mid-slide!

And making a big ol mess.

For every candid picture I take, people always want...

A posed one.


(Sean and his mammy}

Love you Linz Pooh!

The weekend after, we hosted a beer pong tournament. Yes, a beer pong tournament. Straight from the mind of Sean Gray.

It was a pretty big deal. My friend and bridesmaid Fred came all the way from Louisville!

Ok, it was her birthday weekend so she came home to visit. But still. She dropped by to play!

{Me and Fred}

Sean hands the trophy to the winning team, Sara and Logan of 'Slogan'.

Last stop on this tour, is our day at Autozone Park for some Redbirds baseball. Baby Avery provided entertainment as Linz, Sean and I watched the game from our picnic table. She discovered a new face that made us laugh hysterically, which made her do it over and over again! I still laugh when I look at these...

A good one.

A better one.

The BEST one! :)
A.B., you steal KK's heart every day.

Bests. Surviving "Hurricane Wedding" together.

The most amazing fireworks show followed at dark after the game. Except for the fact that I was getting hit with shrapnel. Diva.

Our engagement pictures were the week before last and my bridal shower was this morning. My brother is now in Italy studying abroad and my Nonnie is in intensive care. Please remember my family and pray for safe travels and healing.