Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sun Dial Side Table

Hey yall:)

Sean and I were some busy bodies this memorial day weekend. We worked feverishly on projects for the wiffle ball field and in the house, balanced with a bit of nice family time on Saturday. It's always so much easier to work-work-work on projects when you're both in that git-r done mood! 

In just one of my many projects this weekend, I lightened up this little 3-leg side table and gave it some character by painting a sun dial clock on top. 


As you see, the dark wood blended in so much you barely noticed it. 


A creamy white, distressed table is a better fit with the new wing back chairs in the living room.
  I primed and painted ivory, then used brown acrylic paint to circle the edges with roman numerals, and lastly, painted a compass in the center. 

As with real garden sun dials, The numbers don't go all the way around the bottom, but a space for a quote is left. I loved this one by Henry Van Dyke: 

"Hours fly, flowers die. New days, new ways, pass by. Love stays."

I brainstormed my options for a round table. I had seen standard clocks and compasses, but thought the sun dial was unique and combined a little of both.

It's a cutie!

Thanks for checkin' in!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Antique gray end table

I guess if you were just dying to see our living room "After" I've given you enough bits and pieces to fit together like a puzzle. I know...I we moved in a year and a half ago and I still haven't posted an After. But it's a big room and it's been reinventing itself throughout this time to find the right style.

So here's one more piece to your puzzle.   

I was given this beautiful antique end table with metal grates and a brown leather top to use in our living room.

 It was in great condition but after a while it seemed to blend right into our hardwood floors and brown couch. It was so pretty and unique, I wanted it to stand out. 
 I used Gray primer then Krylon's Classic Gray spray paint to coat it. Then distressed here and there to expose the wood underneath.

 I kept the original leather top and didn't spray the grates.

I love the shape of the legs and the spots of wear that the distressing created. The table really stands out but still blends in with the style. Success!'ll get that full after!!

Until then,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vanity turned Sofa Table turned Entry Table

This little baby has been through its share of transformations...But I swear this one is the last! You've probably gotten sneak peaks of it already if you read the blog. It could be seen in my stair case makeover and mirror collage but you may not have recognized what it was originally. It deserved it's due spotlight in a post!

I bought this vintage vanity at my local flea market over a year ago for $30 and it's probably been the most versatile piece I've owned. I first bought it when I was on the hunt for a sofa table for our living room. I painted it brown with a silver metallic top and it served me well for a year. 

But when I decided I wanted a rattan bench behind my sofa and needed an entry table at the same time, she came into her own. I've really been drawn to light furniture lately; cream, white, and gray. And a white entryway table under my staircase was the perfect purpose for Miss Vanity. 

The FINAL after:

I primed with Zinsser's, and painted with Crisp White Linen, then topped with a clear coat to seal. The knobs were spray painted nickel and I placed my genie lamp, moss ball vase, and Hobby Lobby turquoise vase on top with books of art.

So I reeeeeallllly think this is how she'll stay! But don't be too surprised if in another year I've flipped it upside down and turned it into a 4-post dog bed... :)

Take Care,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Chevron Wingbacks and pharmacy lamp

Hey yall...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 

A 3-day weekend could not come at a more perfect time. We both just wrapped up the school year and a little down-time never sounded so good!  We've been working endlessly to tie up loose ends on LOTS of home projects and would like to finish them up in time to truly relax on our trip to Oklahoma City with Sean's softball girls for the world series next weekend.

2 projects were recently deleted from my growing list of DIYs kept in my iPhone's notepad. 
I love watching that list get smaller!
For our living room, I wanted a pair of classic wing-back chairs to place on each side of the fireplace, but I wanted them in a graphic, contemporary fabric. They were a flea market find ($30 each) and I chose to have them reupholstered in a cream, brown, aqua, and rusty red chevron print.

In a second project, I had been loving the look of pharmacy lamps, like this one.
I happened to have an old goose neck floor lamp that was gold and cream in a spare room I wasn't using!

 Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint was all this one took. See the reading light "after" with the new chair! 
Here's what the chairs looked like 

 Pale green, embroidered, and the lady didn't even charge me for all the cat hair stuck to the fabric.
How sweet.


They're just the style I love in our home...
An eclectic take on classic. A fresh take on vintage.

I must confess, this was originally supposed to be a DIY project...Yes, I was going to reupholster these 2 chairs myself. I struggled through deconstructing one entire chair as time allowed over a couple months. Once it was done, I felt an unbearable overwhelming defeat with the thought, "I still have a whole 'nother chair to go!!" And that was just the removal. 

It dawned on me with this attempted project. I have a job. It is being an OT. It is NOT a furniture re-upholsterer. 
The reason I have said job is so I can pay said re-upholsterer to do HER job FOR ME.  
I struggle with paying ANYone to do ANYthing for me when I know I could do it myself. I have to keep telling myself that just because I let the professional do their job, doesn't mean I could not have accomplished it. Eventually. Wouldn't my grandkids have been tickled when I finally finished these beautiful chairs as their wedding present?! 

I knew it was meant to be when I embarked on the 40 minute drive to drop the chairs off at the lady's country home. I was annoyed with myself that I gave in and was going to pay someone. And annoyed to drive 40 minutes x 2 after a long week of work. But 'The Notebook' was being read on Sirius/XM Book Radio right at that time. My drive couldn't have lasted long enough. 

I could have worked all through the summer and {possibly} have finished the chairs that {might} have held together.   
Instead, I put down my pride with the staple remover and one week later, I was blogging from one of my gorgeous new chairs in my living room. 

Just promise me this won't diminish your faith in my DIY ability. I, for once, sought help. 
Hi, my name is Katie, and I can't do everything myself.

But the next one, I did...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

She is loved: Davis' Arrival

Just a few short months ago, baby Davis could be seen only in our imaginations.

We all waited impatiently to meet this little girl. We passed the time with a shower for mama Meghan at my house.
I pulled my old bassinet stroller out of Dad's attic and put a centerpiece inside.

My front porch chalkboard replaced our fence artwork to bear Davis' name.

A white ceramic hippo held "Wishes for Davis" cards, where guests wrote what they hoped Davis would become...laugh at...forget...remember... etc in her future.

 I used binder rings to put them all into a book.

Meg opened precious little girl gifts...

Avery fed herself chicken salad by the handful to stay content.

But wanted to open every present herself once she was full!

Avery "read" her favorite book to Cassie and Whitney...The photo booth picture book from our wedding. 
It seems like yesterday Meghan and I were on the way to the hospital to see our first niece when she made her arrival

Meghan with Lindsay, Anna, Abbie, and Davis' Mamie

Pack N Play!

Meghan and her Mama

My same silly friend who got a pink slip for gleeking on someone in pre-algebra, is now a Mama...It's like an unbelievable time warp! Oh, the stories I will tell this little girl...
...Now that she's here!! 

Baby Davis seemed so tiny, but weighed a healthy 7 pounds.

KK is in love.

Beautiful, sweet innocence.

Her Aunt KK and Uncle Seany think she is going to be an absolute genius. She will get this from us, of course.

But with Meghan's style, she may be a fashionista...Or we will at least teach her to be a Maxxinista.
She may inherit her Dad's skills and be a softball player.
Or she could grow to have a heart for children like her Mamie.
If she takes after her Yes and her Aunt KK, she will surely have some sweet dance moves!

So much in her future remains to be seen. So much promise lies ahead, just waiting to find its way into her reality.

One day, we will know her well enough to say, "She is smart," "She is creative," "She is funny," or "She is kind".

For now, we know one thing.
 "She is loved." 

  ~The Grays

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fiona Comes HOME!

My name is Fiona and my story began 7 years ago...

 I was born to a pug and a beagle, making me one precious puggle. My home for many years was a lot different than where I live now. There were lots of other dogs living there with me, in a place they called a puppy mill. It wasn't exactly a "home" but it is where I lived. There, I delivered and nursed my first litter of babies! Then, I did it again. And as soon as I could...again...and again. That was my job there, and I did it for over 6 years.

Then, one day, all of us dogs that lived there were taken away from that place. I stayed with a nice guy who had a few other dogs. He was going to take care of me until a "forever family" found me.

And they did! But it did not last forever like it was supposed to.
I lived with a sweet lady who loved me. She didn't have her husband to take care of her anymore so I was going to make her feel better. But her son also lived there and when I had an accident because I didn't know where to go, he made me leave.

My foster home took me back in and they worked to find a family to love me once again. The young puppies got adopted, but I stayed for 9 months.

One day, we got in the car and took a trip to visit a very sweet family who lived across the bridge. I played in the big yard and ran with the dogs who lived there. 
One of them looked just like me!


 I wanted to stay.

My foster dad took my picture with the nice people and their dogs.

Then, he told me goodbye and left. But he didn't take me.
Was I really staying? Was this home?


It's been a week now and I can't imagine living anywhere but here.

My mom and dad give me hugs and kisses and laugh when I do something funny.

They always make me mind. They also make me exercise, so I guess they think I should get in shape. I think they're crazy. And I think I'm sexy. But I'll just run to make them happy.

 I don't have a job to do here, so I can relax and play with my brothers all day.

I'm not scared. Not even of my Dad. I wasn't sure about him at first. I've seen men like him before and thought he might be like them. I didn't know if he was nice, but now I know he is one of the good ones.
He calls me "pretty girl" and rubs my face.

He loves me.   


Mom and Dad let me sleep in the big bed at first, but I guess I hogged Mom's pillow too much, because they bought me my own bed the next day. I've decided to sleep right by my brother Owen's cage. I think I'm going to like him.

The past 7 years have been a long journey for me.
My name is Fiona and I have made it home.


{We adopted Fiona from Tails of Hope Dog Rescue in Memphis. We had no plans for ever having a 3rd dog. Just like we didn't have plans to have a 2nd. (See Owen's story here.) But They have all found their way into our lives and there's no denying that it's for a reason. Want to have a life that's fulfilled, happy, and never boring? Adopt!} 

~The Grays