Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fiona Comes HOME!

My name is Fiona and my story began 7 years ago...

 I was born to a pug and a beagle, making me one precious puggle. My home for many years was a lot different than where I live now. There were lots of other dogs living there with me, in a place they called a puppy mill. It wasn't exactly a "home" but it is where I lived. There, I delivered and nursed my first litter of babies! Then, I did it again. And as soon as I could...again...and again. That was my job there, and I did it for over 6 years.

Then, one day, all of us dogs that lived there were taken away from that place. I stayed with a nice guy who had a few other dogs. He was going to take care of me until a "forever family" found me.

And they did! But it did not last forever like it was supposed to.
I lived with a sweet lady who loved me. She didn't have her husband to take care of her anymore so I was going to make her feel better. But her son also lived there and when I had an accident because I didn't know where to go, he made me leave.

My foster home took me back in and they worked to find a family to love me once again. The young puppies got adopted, but I stayed for 9 months.

One day, we got in the car and took a trip to visit a very sweet family who lived across the bridge. I played in the big yard and ran with the dogs who lived there. 
One of them looked just like me!


 I wanted to stay.

My foster dad took my picture with the nice people and their dogs.

Then, he told me goodbye and left. But he didn't take me.
Was I really staying? Was this home?


It's been a week now and I can't imagine living anywhere but here.

My mom and dad give me hugs and kisses and laugh when I do something funny.

They always make me mind. They also make me exercise, so I guess they think I should get in shape. I think they're crazy. And I think I'm sexy. But I'll just run to make them happy.

 I don't have a job to do here, so I can relax and play with my brothers all day.

I'm not scared. Not even of my Dad. I wasn't sure about him at first. I've seen men like him before and thought he might be like them. I didn't know if he was nice, but now I know he is one of the good ones.
He calls me "pretty girl" and rubs my face.

He loves me.   


Mom and Dad let me sleep in the big bed at first, but I guess I hogged Mom's pillow too much, because they bought me my own bed the next day. I've decided to sleep right by my brother Owen's cage. I think I'm going to like him.

The past 7 years have been a long journey for me.
My name is Fiona and I have made it home.


{We adopted Fiona from Tails of Hope Dog Rescue in Memphis. We had no plans for ever having a 3rd dog. Just like we didn't have plans to have a 2nd. (See Owen's story here.) But They have all found their way into our lives and there's no denying that it's for a reason. Want to have a life that's fulfilled, happy, and never boring? Adopt!} 

~The Grays


  1. Preston BringhurstMay 5, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    You have no idea how much reading this means to me. Fostering is tough, especially when you have to let go of wonderful friends like Fiona. Thank you both for giving her the long lasting home she deserves. You've more than made my day knowing you've made the rest of Fiona's days the best they can be.

    Preston B. (Foster Dad)

  2. What a sweet story! I'm so happy you all found one another and created a beautiful family.

  3. A heart touching story. I'm going to post on my FB Page. God Bless You and Your4 legged 4ever babies....xoxo

  4. Wow- that made me cry! So happy for ALL of you!

  5. I am so HAPPY for Fiona!!!! all We Mill dogs just want somone to love and love us , no questions or jobs to do so.... Thank you for giving her a chance!!!!!

  6. Beautiful story..I am so happy Fiona has a loving, warm and happy home at last! After what shew has been through she totally deserves it! A massive thank you to her new 'parents'. You are wonderful!

  7. You are just the perfect family and just where Fiona was destined to be. Preston was great for her, but that was a temporary home, just getting her ready for ya'll. You are a "God-send" to these furbabies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opting to adopt ! Thanks also for this beautiful story so we can share what rescue is all about.

  8. what a lovely story. I'm so happy Fiona has found a loving home. Once I decide to share my life with another dog, I'll be looking at the Refuge first. I've still got to finish grieving for my little black dog who died on 31 December 2011 - her 13th birthday. I wrote a blog for her
    I miss her so much.

  9. This story made me so happy, and yes I cried, tears of joy. Fiona has always been a very sweet girl from the first day she came into our rescue. She was one of the most loving, forgiving, gentle souls I have ever been blessed to have been around. Born into a puppy mill, and kept as prisoners in one merely for profit is a horrible life for these dogs. Many come out scared for the rest of their lives, never trusting humans again. Fiona was not like that: she wanted to be loved and she loved back. Your family is exactly why we continue to do what we do..there are so many Fionas out there...God bless you.

  10. allyson sheridanMay 6, 2012 at 4:03 PM

    Wot more can one say but "thank you" x

  11. Katie, you guys are so amazing! She's a lucky little lady!! xo

  12. This was a very inspiring story that also brought tears to my eyes. I know Preston and Ginger both will miss her.......but know they can save one more. Have a happy life Fiona. I can tell by this story you will be loved forever.....Thank you amazing Grays. Fiona looks like his life has been planned and it is going to be a good one.

  13. Hi! I just started reading your blog and just finished reading this post. This made me cry! How sweet and wonderful for Fiona that she found such a good "Forever Home" after such a long journey! I think adopting a dog from a rescue is one of the best things anyone can do, and I hope Fiona is very happy with you all. =)


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