Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sun Dial Side Table

Hey yall:)

Sean and I were some busy bodies this memorial day weekend. We worked feverishly on projects for the wiffle ball field and in the house, balanced with a bit of nice family time on Saturday. It's always so much easier to work-work-work on projects when you're both in that git-r done mood! 

In just one of my many projects this weekend, I lightened up this little 3-leg side table and gave it some character by painting a sun dial clock on top. 


As you see, the dark wood blended in so much you barely noticed it. 


A creamy white, distressed table is a better fit with the new wing back chairs in the living room.
  I primed and painted ivory, then used brown acrylic paint to circle the edges with roman numerals, and lastly, painted a compass in the center. 

As with real garden sun dials, The numbers don't go all the way around the bottom, but a space for a quote is left. I loved this one by Henry Van Dyke: 

"Hours fly, flowers die. New days, new ways, pass by. Love stays."

I brainstormed my options for a round table. I had seen standard clocks and compasses, but thought the sun dial was unique and combined a little of both.

It's a cutie!

Thanks for checkin' in!


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