Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pantry Makeover: Part 1

I've been itching to organize EVERYTHING lately. In fact, my summer is mapped out so that every little nook and corner will be overhauled and organized by fall. The first BIG undertaking was the pantry, which actually didn't take long at all to accomplish. Here's the haphazard (and probably hazardous) before:

And this is how it looks now...

I've been riding on a high ever since I finished it, often leaving the doors open to bask in the tidiness. I started by taking a quick inventory of what we frequently have on hand and wrote a list of how many and what types of containers we needed. I went to Walmart and got: 5 cereal containers, 4 ice trays, 2 large woven baskets, 2 medium bins, and 2 twist top clear jugs. I already had 8 clear canisters to use.


 I used chalkboard paint and chalk markers to label the containers for oatmeal, noodles, chips, cookies, dips, brown rice, yellow cornmeal, breadcrumbs, and cider/cocoa.

I used tags and twine that I already had to label brown sugar, powdered sugar, instant potatoes and white rice.


The clear jugs keep icecream cones/toppings and taco shells airtight and fresh. 

 I used a container/shelf from our refrigerator that we weren't using to hold all baking supplies (cakemix, chocolate chips, muffin mix, cupcake liners, bisquick, nuts, etc) 

Bread, cookies/crackers, and chips each got there own medium sized bin. I used the baskets
for onions/potatoes and napkins/paper goods. 

Now, not only is it so much quicker grabbing what we need, but grocery list making takes no time. Everything is in eyesight and I can tell exactly what is running low. And it's just crazy how much space is left over!

So why is this just part one? 
There is a part two, but it's not about what is on the inside...

Happy Saturday!

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