Saturday, March 24, 2012

Re-Freshed Master Bath

The coming of Spring is always the happiest time of year. Our moods lift, time slows down a bit, and we take the chance to notice how beautiful life is. While I don't have the privilege to be given a week long spring break like my husband, I took the liberty of taking a couple days this week to "spring organize" every closet and complete one room; Our master bath.

No better time to erase the stifling golden yellow walls and orange oak and replace it with a soothing, refreshed look.

The bathroom was cloaked in the same mustard yellow that haunted our dining room and bedroom. And those cabinets make me shutter...

Because I know you'll scroll down to see the after anyway, I'll cut to the chase and explain what all went down later.



I started with painting the walls "Contemplation" by Behr. It's a soothing blue/green/gray color, depending on the light, that gave me the feeling I wanted.

Next, I updated the faucet fixtures and shower door inexpensively by meticulously taping the edges and spray painting with brushed nickel, being sure to prime well for durability. I used Rustoleum primer for metal, 2 coats, then spray painted with my brushed nickel.




Not a permanent fix but it should definitely buy us a few years since we have so many updates going on right now.



Bathtub faucet Before:


And After:

I bought trim moulding to frame the mirror. I painted it with a color I mixed of creams and taupey grays then lightly distressed.

The miter box and saw created the 45 degree angle corners and Liquid Nails was used to adhere the frame to the edge of the mirror.

Finished mirror frame and new light fixtures:

The cabinets were given a facelift with a custom mixed light gray paint color.
I sanded, primed, painted, then sealed.

Finally, vintage inspired glass knobs were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I hung an orchid painting of mine from a while ago over the tub.

Bathtub Before:


New light switch plates and outlet covers in stainless steel and an antique piece and woven basket for rolled towels:

It's no longer harsh and abrasive, but calm and peaceful.

Another room down!

...and who knows how many more to go...

Happy Spring, friends:)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Staircase Wall

If you checked out my staircase project you might have already noticed the treatment I gave to the staircase wall. I knew artwork wouldn't work, and I didn't want photographs, so I decided to create a mirror collage.

I collected mirrors over a few weeks, searching my house and the Goodwill store for different sizes and shapes. All of them were either free or under $4 apiece.

I used one of my favorite metallic spray paints, Champagne Nouveau by Krylon.

I either removed the mirror plate or covered it with painter's tape and paper and gave them all a couple coats.

I think over-thinking it by mapping out the placement of each one and taping it on the wall really is a waste of time. The greatest thing about collages is that they are random with no calculation. So just use your eyes! I started at the bottom and randomly placed the nails in a pattern I liked, moving them around as I needed. And this is what I got!

It's beautiful for an entry way with the reflections it creates of light and color. It's fun to be able to add to the collage here and there and I love the look!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Wedding: The Reception...Down-Home Blues and Dancin' Shoes!

Happy Friday!!

I was going to hold this post for Monday, but thought I'd start your weekend off with a look back at the GOOD-OLE TIME we had at our wedding reception. BUT you have to tell me what you think! I don't know you're here unless you say so:)

I hope you enjoy the trip with us back to our sultry, southern, summer celebration...complete with down-home blues and some dancin' shoes!

After the cake cutting and first dances were behind us, our band kicked it up...and Sean and I danced back out onto the dance floor to kick off the party.

It wasn't long before guests young and old were coming together to dance to the feel-good bluesy classics our band played.

The moves...and the temps...were steamy hot. Our lead singer kept cool with her fabulous red fan.

My poor matron of honor was so ill (not that you could ever tell from the pictures!) so she could not stay past the start of the reception. Luckily, she was able to stick it out long enough to get 2 pics with her life-long best.

I hated to say goodbye. And really hated that she had to miss this party...

I loooove how this picture highlights the ruffles.

One of my favorite pictures from the whole night...

There were so many great moments that night.
Here are just a few of my favorite highlights.

Like Meghan's daddy, Tony the Tiger, saving his best dance moves for his dance with the bride.

Meg loved it!

Trev and I hit the dance floor for 'Mustang Sally'

Beautiful little Bella shined with me in the center of the dance floor.

As is wedding tradition, Tay gave the band's drummer a breather and became our personal rock star for a song.

I made a wardrobe change...

...And revealed my dancin' shoes. White Converse Chuck Taylors to match my guys, but with peach ribbon laces.

And with those on, I was really ready to cut loose!

Here, you see Sean's sweat towel hanging from his pocket and Trevor's around his neck. Sean's dad screen printed small towels for us to give as favors.

They read:

It's like I've waited my whole life
for this one night
It's gonna be me, you, and the dance floor.

Next, we had a pop quiz.
Caleb said, Ooh! They know the answer!

Apparently, Nina said the answer was Cupid Shuffle!
And I thought...'I'm really gonna need to hike up the dress for this one.'

I rocked those ruffles like an accessory!

Logan started a "solo-dance circle" with this move...

The groom had his moment in the center.

And so did the bride.

Then we joined together to bring everyone back out.

For some reason, this picture really reminds me of the 'Dirty Dancing' late night staff party. I can just hear "Do you love me?" playing!

"Nooooowwwww...that IIIII...
Can Daaaaaaancccee...

Watch me now, HEY!

Me and Fred have been dancing together since we were 5!

So many wonderful couples had a blast.

Pam and Snake. Dylan and Melinda.

Devin and Nina

Caleb and Ashton

Trevor and Whitney

Dustin and Ashley

Logan and Ashley... :)

Logan and Mrs. Pam... :)

And finally, Logan and Sara.
Her face makes me laugh every time!

Meghan with her best friend's new husband.

With all these special people enjoying themselves, my world was happy.
I sang in my happy world.

I danced by myself.

And everywhere I looked, I saw smiles.


And more smiles.

I smiled a little.

Okay, I smiled a lot.

And I laughed a lot.

You might say Sean was content as well...

We could have danced all night, but eventually the evening wound down.

{Me and Nina}

{Me and my little brother, Steven}

We would have loved to stay wide-eyed and danced forever.

...But all good things must come to an end.

I wish I could have bottled up the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of that night to keep forever. But these pictures are pretty priceless too.

I hope you enjoyed reliving our reception with us!

See our wedding page for more.

~The Grays

Photography by: Canon Reed, Miss Bey Photography, The Wedding Belles