Sunday, February 28, 2010

"It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

Today is my 24th birthday...Really?! It's so hard to believe. Celebrations began Tuesday when my best friend Lindsay took me out to eat at Marketplace. She is simply amazing. We had a great 2 hour dinner and talked about everything under the sun. Then shared a sinful Chocolate Mess Sundae with Peanut Butter Sauce. Jealous?
Friday after work we headed back home to Marion and went downtown for a small birthday celebration. I felt no different then, but the way I felt Saturday morning told me that I am indeed, getting older! :)
Some of the most special people came out to Alfred's and we had a blast!

Sean and I at Alfred's...Due to my outfit choice, I was referred to as Betty Boop for the night. Which is fine. Betty Boop was sexy.

The Smith's

The Fowler's

Me and Nina

Me and Meg

The night was perfect...I will never forget the parts I remember. :)

Saturday night combined two of my favorite things: exotic food and historic homes. That's because we ate at Bhan Thai (Bhan meaning 'house') in Memphis, which is located in an old Midtown home, circa 1915.

The best historic elements have been retained: The dark wood trim and thick molding, stained glass window, original built in bookcases and hardwood floors. With the chandeliers and rich, curry-yellow walls, the atmosphere is both elegant and funky.

On this night, we ate in the central living space, where the fireplace is located. Several cozy rooms surround it. For warmer months, there's a back patio with outdoor fireplace, bar, and live music on weekends. I found myself just staring around me while we sat inside! And the food...need I go there? You can't go wrong.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

~Art Imitates Life~

I've been painting since before I can remember. I started at age 2 using a q-tip with those paint with water coloring books (remember those?!) then got my first art easel for Christmas at age 3. Here's a little video showing my first lessons in mixing colors, the joys of giving my artwork to friends and family, and even the stress of getting projects done! Yes, at age 3. You can also appreciate how far I've come:) i.e. the rainbow and the blue haired portrait of myself!?

My mom was an amazing artist, and her mother painted as well. My dad's mother, my Nonnie, is amazing at oils! They all far surpass me with their professional techniques and perfect detail, but I'm growing as an artist and learning every day. Here I'll post some past works and I will update as new pieces are finished.

"Still Standing"
I painted the twin towers in high school art class at the end of August, as the first piece of the year. This was a couple weeks before Sept. 11. Crazy!

"To Dance..."
A water color and calligraphy from high school as well. It was actually painted off of a photo of Britney.

Marilyn Monroe portrait given to my best friend Lindsay.

Sports Trio given to Sean.

"Daddy's Garden"
Acrylic painting given to Sean's mom in memory of her Dad.

Acrylic painting of Italian Chef given to my friend Jami for her kitchen.

"Make Me Wine"
Painted for my own kitchen.

"Honeymoom in Jamaica"
Acrylic sunset given to my friends Jessica and Brian as their wedding gift.

"Under my Umbrella"
Given as another wedding gift.

"Arkansas Will Never Yield"
Razorback donated to the Boys and Girls Club of WM Auction.

"Wild Orchid Stiletto"
1/4 of a series of stilettos.

"What's Goin On?"
Charcoal sketch of Marvin Gaye from High School.

"Sun Goddess"
Acrylic painting that used to hang in my old apartment.

"The Poop Face"
Portrait of my precious puggle Oliver! Acrylic on canvas.

"She Bangs"
Wedding gift for my bff Meg and her new hubby Taylor.

"Autumn in Memphis"
Landscape given to Sean's parents for Christmas a few years ago.

River rocks I've painted! If you find one with a nice flat bottom, they're perfect to sit on a dresser, coffee table, or entertainment center.


There are alot of exciting changes soon to come in my life, that I can only imagine will make excellent blog entries! :) I will soon finish graduate school with a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy after 6 challenging years of college. I'll finally get to begin my lifelong career as a therapist!

After my graduation, Sean and I made the decision to move from the town we love, back to the hometown we will learn to love again, where he will pursue his lifelong career as a teacher and basketball coach (assuming he passes the Praxis II Math! Fingers crossed!). So we will eventually embark on house hunting.

My best friend of 23 years is having a baby, so Aunt KK needs to be around all the time!

After a lifetime of painting as a hobby, I am venturing into parting with some of my works to sell, which is really exciting! Lots of other adventures are undoubtedly in stay tuned!

Aside from all that, I have essentially been blogging since the age of 5 when I learned to write in my first journal. Since then, I spent time each day creatively writing about the events of my life, accumulating shelves full of finished books in those 20 years. I kept recipes, songs I liked, poems, projects I wanted to work on, pictures, and any other creative facet imaginable pasted on the pages. This is just the 21st century version of what I've done all along so I'm really excited to start!