Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I *heart* white spray paint...continued!

I apologize for my absence lately...I've had more going on than I know what to do with and my head is just spinning most of the time! With just 5 days now until we finally move in, I've been desperately trying to finish so many things up, on top of being non-stop at work and sleeping in three different houses on any given week.

Among the projects I've been working on, is a quick little revamp of a pair of ceramic owls I found in a box of Meemaw's stuff. I saw a white owl figurine in Elle Decor's collection at Kohl's (love!) and I knew mine could look just like it.

I love the look of white pottery pieces in front of a contrasting background, be it a painted wall, cabinet, or shelf.

How striking are these pics of the white pieces in front of a dark chocolate wall?!

And here's a dark painted shelf...

And I love this black armoire with white and colorful accents the most!

This is what my little owls looked like before:

And here's the post-white-spray-paint-and-gloss-AFTER!

They're as good as new to me! I love them. Now our house will come complete with a stylish representation of "Hooters Bomb Squad" (Sean's wiffleball team for those unfamiliar:)

5 days people! I'm too excited to sleeeeep.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

I *heart* white spray paint

Among the many projects I managed to finish this weekend, were a couple of white spray paint transformations.

I wanted a cute chalkboard for my kitchen to use for grocery and shopping lists and had this image saved... It's a "menu" from Dry Bar, a salon in Brentwood serving only blowouts. I loved the intricate details all coated in white and the contrast with the black chalkboard.

I found an ornate black frame from Hobby Lobby on clearance in the damaged section a while ago.

The Before:


This is why...

Who looks at the side of a frame? Not me.

I gave the frame a coat of white satin spray paint. I was going to use some scrap drywall for the chalkboard, but ended up finding a spare 11x14 frame with glass so it was already the perfect size. I just gave the glass 2 coats of chalkboard spray paint and then placed it inside my frame with mirror hardware.

The After:

I can't wait to hang it in my kitchen!

The second white spray paint project was a huge ornate mirror the my Meemaw had in her house. It had been stored in our garage for years.

The gold and gaudy before:

I hosed it off, primed with white primer, and gave it a coat of white gloss.
The white and fabulous after:

I'm going to lean it against a wall in our future cottage guest bedroom.

Little by little, I'm crossing things off my list. I can't wait to see all these bits and pieces pulled together!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Picnic at the Farm...and one BIG Question...

Picnics are our thing...They always have been. Sean and I love to be outside in a nice "spot" with Oliver, and now Owen, with some good food and good weather to just relax and enjoy a lazy, peaceful day. So there was nothing abnormal about September 12, 2010 when the four of us loaded up to spend a few hours at the farm on a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon.

We had our favorite "special spots" in Conway, but we hadn't had a chance to have a picnic since we'd moved here to Marion. Sean wanted us to go out to the farm where this farmer's daughter has so many great memories of growing up. I knew it would be a perfect spot. My hair was in a braid, still half wet, and I had on not a stitch of makeup.

"Today is just the most PERFECT day! I love it already,"
I said on the way.

He laughed.

He laid out the blanket and tied up the dogs.

I walked around snapping pictures of a familiar place I suddenly realized I had been missing.

I want to paint this truck!

We spent an hour eating lunch on our pallet, listening to sweet country music and the peaceful breeze.

"It's a whole 'nother world out here. Everything is so still,"
Sean said.
"I can't wait to have kids to bring out to the farm to play," I said.
"There is nothing more fun for a kid than jumping in a cotton trailer or getting to drive a combine."

We talked. The dogs slept. The broken barn roof squeaked in the wind. The song "Southern Girl" by Amos Lee began to play.

I sang absentmindedly and drew circles on the blanket with my finger.

"Hey, will you go put this in the truck?" Sean asked, handing me our drink cup. "The dogs are gonna knock it over," he reasoned.

In such a care-free mood, I hopped up with no question and skipped a few steps to the truck.

After placing the cup in the holder, I spun around quickly then stopped...stunned...and inhaled.
There he knelt, grinning, holding an open red box.
My hand flew to my mouth.
"Stop it..." I breathed, as I started to tear.

He smiled and proceeded to say some things I didn't hear at all, but probably wouldn't tell you if I had:) I slowly walked to him and sat on his knee. We hugged for the longest then when he finally repeated the question I didn't hear the first time, I responded with, "Of course I will."

::Somethin bout a southern girl
Make me feel right
In a Mississippi mornin
She's an angel in flight::

I never thought in a million years he would be able to catch me by surprise after all this time. Many days I woke up with an idea that this could be "it" but Sunday was not one of them. The thought NEVER crossed my mind.

Aaaanndd...the ring!
It's not only amazingly breathtaking, but close to my heart. The diamond belonged to the first person I would have called on this day. It is the diamond from my mom's wedding ring.

There is none more perfect for me.

We took some post pics with the help of the self timer and a bucket.

{Sean and his accomplices}

We stayed for a good hour before saying, "Ready to face the real world?"

The day; the moment; the proposal, was perfect. It couldn't have been more "us".

The soon-to-be, Mrs. Gray

Friday, September 10, 2010

My "New" Old End Tables

Next on the "Project To-Do List" were a pair of end tables that belonged to my Meemaw. They'd been up in our attic since she passed and were in serious need of some love and attention. With cigarette burns, milk stains, and a worn finish, they'd seen better days.

*In the original post I forgot to add the before pic...But it was a must!*

But the shape and structure were worth salvaging and I like to keep as many family pieces as possible so I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.

Since they'll be going in the living room, I wanted them to "match" my coffee table so I knew I was going to go with the two-toned effect; stained wood top and black satin bottom. From the coffee table project, I knew I needed to paint the bottom with a brush rather than spray so the process was a little quicker. I made a trip in to Walmart to pick up my paint and stain and made a quick decision to go ahead and invest in a power sander. I have NO idea how I've gone this long without! Well, I was broke so I had no choice...But anyway. I LOVE it!

I sanded the entire thing, pretty close to the bare wood, then cleaned it up and applied the "Bombay Mahogany" stain in gloss (2 coats). I used satin for my coffee table, but figured the end tables may stand up to more drink condensation with a gloss finish. I painted the legs with black satin acrylic latex paint (2 coats). The last step, was to complete the drawers. I removed the drawer pulls and spray painted them with "Oil-Rubbed Bronze" then used paint pens to paint a design on them...

And the After:

A look at the drawers:

A look at the stain:

What do you think?? Dad said they were a little "wild" for his taste...not surprising:) and I think I love them.

With each completed project, I'm more and more anxious to move in and put this whole puzzle together. 26 more days!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Painted Wood Signs and Kitchen Art

Happy Labor Day Weekend friends! On this labor day weekend, I've been laboring away... continuing my quest to complete at least 2 projects each weekend. I've been a busy little bee the last couple days, and have crossed several projects off my list!

I showed you a homemade wood sign I painted a couple months ago. Here are two more I've completed for the new house. And Sean would want his shout out, I'm sure. The wood cutting was by him!

This one is for my kitchen, obviously! I can see it propped in a hutch or on the cabinet ledge.

This little bit will go in our guest room. I want to create a vintage-y cozy cottage and this sign will go on a dresser or chest. I found some OLD vintage photos of my Meemaw's out in the garage when I was rummaging and I can't wait to blow them up and retouch them.

I also finished a little art project for my kitchen I'd been working on. I did a colored pencil drawing of 3 spices inspired by Hannah Peyton's "Herbal Zest". I found some old, gold frames in the garage that contained water/sun damaged pictures.


I cleaned them up and coated the frames with "Oil-Rubbed Bronze" spray paint, then placed my drawings inside, framed by white card stock.


They will be hung vertically beside the pantry when we're all moved in.

The biggest project of the weekend is ALMOST done and will complete this one...so stay tuned.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Avery Brooke's Arrival

Avery has arrived! My bestest, oldest friend in the whole world delivered a precious 8 lb baby girl August 31st, 2010. It's so surreal that it has happened but the excitement is so real. I was an anxious mess on the way to the hospital. I couldn't wait to hold her after waiting all this time. I can't wait for her to know me and love me like I love her already!

Mom and baby are perfectly healthy and beautiful.

She's like a model posing as a woman who just delivered a baby. Even I have a hard time believing it!!

Aunt KK is so proud! I was so honored that she chose to begin having her first poop while I was holding her. I'll never forget it. And I won't let her either! :)

Aunt MeMe with Avery. Look at that face!

Ain't she just gorgeous? We should all hope to look like that hours after giving birth! She's a superwoman.

Little bitty footsies!

The three of us have been through it all together. None of us have sisters, so it's been unspoken for years that we are that to each other. They are my family.

And now, Avery is too. I can't wait to take her places and do everything for her. And I've called dibs on a night to hold her all night long while mommy sleeps.

She's a Hog Fan from day 1. Woooo PIG SOOIE!

It's a really exciting time in life and I can't wait for more!

AB, Aunt KK loves you to bits and pieces. We're going to have so much fun together.