Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I *heart* white spray paint...continued!

I apologize for my absence lately...I've had more going on than I know what to do with and my head is just spinning most of the time! With just 5 days now until we finally move in, I've been desperately trying to finish so many things up, on top of being non-stop at work and sleeping in three different houses on any given week.

Among the projects I've been working on, is a quick little revamp of a pair of ceramic owls I found in a box of Meemaw's stuff. I saw a white owl figurine in Elle Decor's collection at Kohl's (love!) and I knew mine could look just like it.

I love the look of white pottery pieces in front of a contrasting background, be it a painted wall, cabinet, or shelf.

How striking are these pics of the white pieces in front of a dark chocolate wall?!

And here's a dark painted shelf...

And I love this black armoire with white and colorful accents the most!

This is what my little owls looked like before:

And here's the post-white-spray-paint-and-gloss-AFTER!

They're as good as new to me! I love them. Now our house will come complete with a stylish representation of "Hooters Bomb Squad" (Sean's wiffleball team for those unfamiliar:)

5 days people! I'm too excited to sleeeeep.



  1. Hi,

    What brand/type spray paint did you use for the white owls? They look great!

  2. Thanks a bunch! I used Krylon White in Satin witha quick coat of Krylon Crystal Clear. I like how the sheen is more authentic looking than gloss spray paint usually is. A new favorite to try is Krylon Dual in Ivory. Good luck!


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