Friday, September 10, 2010

My "New" Old End Tables

Next on the "Project To-Do List" were a pair of end tables that belonged to my Meemaw. They'd been up in our attic since she passed and were in serious need of some love and attention. With cigarette burns, milk stains, and a worn finish, they'd seen better days.

*In the original post I forgot to add the before pic...But it was a must!*

But the shape and structure were worth salvaging and I like to keep as many family pieces as possible so I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.

Since they'll be going in the living room, I wanted them to "match" my coffee table so I knew I was going to go with the two-toned effect; stained wood top and black satin bottom. From the coffee table project, I knew I needed to paint the bottom with a brush rather than spray so the process was a little quicker. I made a trip in to Walmart to pick up my paint and stain and made a quick decision to go ahead and invest in a power sander. I have NO idea how I've gone this long without! Well, I was broke so I had no choice...But anyway. I LOVE it!

I sanded the entire thing, pretty close to the bare wood, then cleaned it up and applied the "Bombay Mahogany" stain in gloss (2 coats). I used satin for my coffee table, but figured the end tables may stand up to more drink condensation with a gloss finish. I painted the legs with black satin acrylic latex paint (2 coats). The last step, was to complete the drawers. I removed the drawer pulls and spray painted them with "Oil-Rubbed Bronze" then used paint pens to paint a design on them...

And the After:

A look at the drawers:

A look at the stain:

What do you think?? Dad said they were a little "wild" for his taste...not surprising:) and I think I love them.

With each completed project, I'm more and more anxious to move in and put this whole puzzle together. 26 more days!



  1. I love the tables! Thanks so much for describing the steps and mentioning the paint colors.

  2. Thank you and you're so welcome. It wasn't a very detailed description so if you have any questions, just ask!

  3. I was wondering where the original pic was:) I think they look great, as everything else you do is!!


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