Monday, September 13, 2010

Picnic at the Farm...and one BIG Question...

Picnics are our thing...They always have been. Sean and I love to be outside in a nice "spot" with Oliver, and now Owen, with some good food and good weather to just relax and enjoy a lazy, peaceful day. So there was nothing abnormal about September 12, 2010 when the four of us loaded up to spend a few hours at the farm on a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon.

We had our favorite "special spots" in Conway, but we hadn't had a chance to have a picnic since we'd moved here to Marion. Sean wanted us to go out to the farm where this farmer's daughter has so many great memories of growing up. I knew it would be a perfect spot. My hair was in a braid, still half wet, and I had on not a stitch of makeup.

"Today is just the most PERFECT day! I love it already,"
I said on the way.

He laughed.

He laid out the blanket and tied up the dogs.

I walked around snapping pictures of a familiar place I suddenly realized I had been missing.

I want to paint this truck!

We spent an hour eating lunch on our pallet, listening to sweet country music and the peaceful breeze.

"It's a whole 'nother world out here. Everything is so still,"
Sean said.
"I can't wait to have kids to bring out to the farm to play," I said.
"There is nothing more fun for a kid than jumping in a cotton trailer or getting to drive a combine."

We talked. The dogs slept. The broken barn roof squeaked in the wind. The song "Southern Girl" by Amos Lee began to play.

I sang absentmindedly and drew circles on the blanket with my finger.

"Hey, will you go put this in the truck?" Sean asked, handing me our drink cup. "The dogs are gonna knock it over," he reasoned.

In such a care-free mood, I hopped up with no question and skipped a few steps to the truck.

After placing the cup in the holder, I spun around quickly then stopped...stunned...and inhaled.
There he knelt, grinning, holding an open red box.
My hand flew to my mouth.
"Stop it..." I breathed, as I started to tear.

He smiled and proceeded to say some things I didn't hear at all, but probably wouldn't tell you if I had:) I slowly walked to him and sat on his knee. We hugged for the longest then when he finally repeated the question I didn't hear the first time, I responded with, "Of course I will."

::Somethin bout a southern girl
Make me feel right
In a Mississippi mornin
She's an angel in flight::

I never thought in a million years he would be able to catch me by surprise after all this time. Many days I woke up with an idea that this could be "it" but Sunday was not one of them. The thought NEVER crossed my mind.

Aaaanndd...the ring!
It's not only amazingly breathtaking, but close to my heart. The diamond belonged to the first person I would have called on this day. It is the diamond from my mom's wedding ring.

There is none more perfect for me.

We took some post pics with the help of the self timer and a bucket.

{Sean and his accomplices}

We stayed for a good hour before saying, "Ready to face the real world?"

The day; the moment; the proposal, was perfect. It couldn't have been more "us".

The soon-to-be, Mrs. Gray


  1. That's so perfect I have tears in my eyes!! I loooove that it's your mothers diamond. Perfection. What an amazing team you will be and the most perfect parents! Congratulations Katiebug, I am truly thrilled for you! xoxoxo

  2. I just LOVE this post!!!! What a sweet sweet story- the perfect proposal :) I am so so happy for y'all!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  3. How exciting, Katie! Way to go Sean!!! I'm surprised that he surprised you :) I'm so happy for you both. What an amazing ring, for an amazing Katie!

  4. I just bawled my EYES OUT! I can't BELIEVE my sweet little Katie-bug is getting MARRIED! So proud of you...


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