Sunday, September 5, 2010

Painted Wood Signs and Kitchen Art

Happy Labor Day Weekend friends! On this labor day weekend, I've been laboring away... continuing my quest to complete at least 2 projects each weekend. I've been a busy little bee the last couple days, and have crossed several projects off my list!

I showed you a homemade wood sign I painted a couple months ago. Here are two more I've completed for the new house. And Sean would want his shout out, I'm sure. The wood cutting was by him!

This one is for my kitchen, obviously! I can see it propped in a hutch or on the cabinet ledge.

This little bit will go in our guest room. I want to create a vintage-y cozy cottage and this sign will go on a dresser or chest. I found some OLD vintage photos of my Meemaw's out in the garage when I was rummaging and I can't wait to blow them up and retouch them.

I also finished a little art project for my kitchen I'd been working on. I did a colored pencil drawing of 3 spices inspired by Hannah Peyton's "Herbal Zest". I found some old, gold frames in the garage that contained water/sun damaged pictures.


I cleaned them up and coated the frames with "Oil-Rubbed Bronze" spray paint, then placed my drawings inside, framed by white card stock.


They will be hung vertically beside the pantry when we're all moved in.

The biggest project of the weekend is ALMOST done and will complete this stay tuned.

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