Sunday, September 19, 2010

I *heart* white spray paint

Among the many projects I managed to finish this weekend, were a couple of white spray paint transformations.

I wanted a cute chalkboard for my kitchen to use for grocery and shopping lists and had this image saved... It's a "menu" from Dry Bar, a salon in Brentwood serving only blowouts. I loved the intricate details all coated in white and the contrast with the black chalkboard.

I found an ornate black frame from Hobby Lobby on clearance in the damaged section a while ago.

The Before:


This is why...

Who looks at the side of a frame? Not me.

I gave the frame a coat of white satin spray paint. I was going to use some scrap drywall for the chalkboard, but ended up finding a spare 11x14 frame with glass so it was already the perfect size. I just gave the glass 2 coats of chalkboard spray paint and then placed it inside my frame with mirror hardware.

The After:

I can't wait to hang it in my kitchen!

The second white spray paint project was a huge ornate mirror the my Meemaw had in her house. It had been stored in our garage for years.

The gold and gaudy before:

I hosed it off, primed with white primer, and gave it a coat of white gloss.
The white and fabulous after:

I'm going to lean it against a wall in our future cottage guest bedroom.

Little by little, I'm crossing things off my list. I can't wait to see all these bits and pieces pulled together!


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  1. Katie we need new posts please! We know you're busy but we're dying out here. :)


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