Monday, January 31, 2011

Reception Venue

Of all the unresolved issues and yet to be determined decisions surrounding our wedding, it feels comforting to have one thing accomplished. Our reception site has been booked and it's the perfect backdrop for the down-home southern summer reception we are wanting.
We researched, contacted, and visited lots of places, but they all left me disappointed. Nothing felt right.

But Memphis Waterworks was our place.
It's incredibly hard to describe, but it has me and Sean written all over it. It's a bit of an unexpected venue, but it couldn't be more perfect.

Here's a glimpse into the breathtaking venue our wedding reception will take place...

Located about 15 miles from Marion on the corner of Cox and Central, Memphis Waterworks is a store and showroom for outdoor garden decor, fountains, water features, and antiques, all showcased in a 100 year old restored lumber shed.

The red doors open to brick flooring and beautiful iron chandeliers.

Fountains and statues line the brick walkway and greenery hangs from the beamed ceiling.

You can hear the constant sound of the fountains and water features as you walk all around.

I love how beautiful and aged the wood is. And there are old windows on display.

Each far wall is lined with antique doors for sale imported from all over the world.

A step-up level is floored with hardwood as old as the shed. Quaint seating areas are in each corner.

What I wouldn't give for a front door like that first one!

There's so much opportunity for a wedding reception. The large fountains can be used for serving platters and decoration.

As beautiful and whimsical as the inside is, the courtyard is just magical to me!

The big fountains and the lighting make for such an ambient atmosphere.

There's a koi pond by the patio with boston ivy and all the trees are lit with twinkle lights.

A white tent will be up in the courtyard where the band will set up.

We're praying for a cooler July weekend like we had last year. It may seem like a long shot, but I'm hoping everything will be pleasant and enjoyable.

I've been plagued with sickness for what seems like forever now, but I'm trying to power through to get some things worked out. We may not have music, food, a cake, or a dress yet but we have a place for all of them when we do!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dumpster Chair Makeover


I found this chair sitting next to the dumpster when I lived in an apartment several years ago. They made it easy for me...I didn't exactly have to go dumpster diving to save it. The iron was just a little rusty and the white vinyl was stained.

To fix it up, I scraped off the rust with a wire-y brush and removed the seat and back cushions. I spray painted the iron with black rustoleum spray paint. I had leftover fabric from my pillows and drapes and used it to wrap the cushions. Sean re-fastened the parts and it was done. Pretty simple!



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pineapple Lamps

Just so you know, you can blame the lack of blog posts lately on Ashley's Furniture...Several cute projects are pending the arrival of several big purchases we made that have yet to be delivered when promised. I need to have them to make sure some makeover pieces match the wood color and until then...

Sometimes projects take a couple twists and turns before I'm happy with the finished product. This pair of pineapple lamps were Meemaw's and they laid in the garage for a while before I rescued them.
The stems could be bent up or down, but either way, were a nuisance. Sean always complained about getting "jabbed by a pineapple" every time he turned on the lamp. So I cut them off.

I originally wanted them to be white for the guest bedroom, with this as inspiration...And gave that a try.

Cute enough. But once we were in the house, there wasn't a need for two lamps in the guest bedroom and I didn't want a matching pair to go to waste.

I LOVE Krylon's spray paint color "Ivy Leaf". It's the perfect contemporary, funky, but liveable green to liven up an accessory.

The old shades were stained, so I swapped with these tan ones which were left behind by the homeowner. So here's the final final product:

I finally found how they were meant to be. They coordinate perfectly with the green dots in the pillows.

The sofa table the lamps are sitting on was a recent flea market find, but I have to wait to show you when I can refurb it...which can't happen until Ashley decides to deliver our furniture that was "supposed" to be delivered 4 times already. Today's excuse was the weather... That lovely blanket of snow you can see out our front door. I drove to do my job today and they should do theirs. But I'll spare you the rant, and just go enjoy my new lamps!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Arctic Blast!!

Our Sunday night prayers were answered when we were greeted Monday morning by a beautiful SNOW DAY! School was closed and so was the clinic, so we suited up in our long johns, grabbed our friends, and went sledding at the levee. Then after we were completely exhausted, warmed up with some comfort food at Cracker Barrel. Here's some pics from our day off!

{Me and Nina}

{Me and Sean}

{Me, Nina, and Sara}

{Logan and Sara making the quad-burning hike back up the hill}

{All bundled up!}

{Pink much?}

{Dev crashing at the bottom.}

{We had an assortment of sleds to try out}

{Growing up is so overrated...}

{The girls racing. Pink is in the lead!}

{I am dreading work tomorrow even more now!}

{Logan and Devin paving a new path}

{Sean getting tackled. Get 'em Nin!!}

{Logan and Sara. Adorable.}

And for your laugh of the day...
Ya know how everyone has that one friend that will do ANYthing you can come up with, without being asked twice? That's Logan.
"Hey, Logan. Go down standing up like you're skiing."

And here he goes:

Happy Snow Daze!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Apple Green Coffee Table

Hey people! I hope the first week of the new year was great for you. Mine was busy, exhausting, and lovely. I took on a Monday night project I was itching to start, after the piece sat on my back porch for a few weeks untouched. I've had this coffee table since I picked it up from my great aunt's house, which is being cleaned out in preparation to rent. I wanted a coffee table for my kitchen sitting area and saw that this one could work...with some love and elbow grease. Here's the before:

After cleaning and lightly sanding, I pulled out a few paint cans from our paint closet and mixed until I liked the shade of bright, but soft, apple green I ended up with. I gave it two coats of paint, sanded the edges, and rubbed the sanded places with dark stain.

Drummmm Rolllllll.....

Here she is!

The knobs came from Hobby Lobby to replace the discreet originals. It needed some character!

The curves are my favorite part. I love curves! It is evident in my house that I'm drawn to anything with curved lines over harsh, cleanlined, boxiness. Just in this one photo you see the curve of the table, the circles on the pillow, the curved arm of the vase, and the waves on the kitchen chair cushion. I must have a type.

It's my new favorite spot. PERFECT for curling up with the laptop next to the heater; lots of space for my papers when writing a report or wedding planning. Great new addition.

Tell me what you think:)


Sunday, January 2, 2011

~Home for the Holidays~

So we didn't wake up to a white Christmas, but we did enjoy flurries throughout the day and it was as eventful and abundant as any holiday you could wish for.
Christmas Eve was spent with Nonnie's family and, as always, consisted of a food table the size of a football field and an itinerary full of events.

{Me and Emry}

A puppet show about Jesus was performed and carols were sang.

Gabe was determined to get to those puppets!

{Me and Gabe}

Our 7th Christmas together.

Santa visited.

Bella was promised a pony. She said she just really wanted a DS. Kids these days:)

We keep waiting for the year our names will be left off, but here's my brother at 20 years old.

And here's me...holding strong at almost 25. The look on Nonnie's face is the only reason I haven't swiped my name out of the bag beforehand. Tis the Season!

Bingo for prizes was played.

Then Bingo for the $100 jackpot.

Intense. And disappointing:(

The kids played in the funhouse.

Including the biggest kid of them all...

Then, we enjoyed our first Christmas morning in our own house.

The dogs watched for their present to ride in on the train.

And loved their Christmas bones and toys!

Sean's parents came over bearing gifts and opened theirs.

Christmas Day was spent with the Marconi's at Nonnie's.

{Opening presents}

{Me with my grandma and my stocking money}

Now, purely for your viewing pleasure, I'll include a selection of action photos from the family's time playing the Kinect...coolest thing ever.

{Sean and Tim}

{Phillip and Tim}

{Gabe jumping in on the action}

{Sean, Bella, and Liz}

{Husband-wife team, Jason and Elizabeth}

{Getting a workout!}

{Future newlywed team, Sean and I}

{Mother-son team, Phillip and Aunt Mary}

{The Brothers team, Tim and Jason}

{The little trouble-making cousins}

We had a blast laughing and visiting all day, and finally retreated home at almost 11pm.

And lastly, New Year's Eve was spent with just a few close friends for a fun, relaxed night

From us to you!