Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dumpster Chair Makeover


I found this chair sitting next to the dumpster when I lived in an apartment several years ago. They made it easy for me...I didn't exactly have to go dumpster diving to save it. The iron was just a little rusty and the white vinyl was stained.

To fix it up, I scraped off the rust with a wire-y brush and removed the seat and back cushions. I spray painted the iron with black rustoleum spray paint. I had leftover fabric from my pillows and drapes and used it to wrap the cushions. Sean re-fastened the parts and it was done. Pretty simple!




  1. Very cute! I love your ideas! I wish you would post more often!! (I understand I have a "real" job too!)

  2. Thank you so much!! Trust me, I wish I could too! I hope things will settle down soon and maybe I will. I've been working 2 jobs (but 3 if you count wedding planning...I do!) and hope to slow down a little soon and have some free time.


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