Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pineapple Lamps

Just so you know, you can blame the lack of blog posts lately on Ashley's Furniture...Several cute projects are pending the arrival of several big purchases we made that have yet to be delivered when promised. I need to have them to make sure some makeover pieces match the wood color and until then...

Sometimes projects take a couple twists and turns before I'm happy with the finished product. This pair of pineapple lamps were Meemaw's and they laid in the garage for a while before I rescued them.
The stems could be bent up or down, but either way, were a nuisance. Sean always complained about getting "jabbed by a pineapple" every time he turned on the lamp. So I cut them off.

I originally wanted them to be white for the guest bedroom, with this as inspiration...And gave that a try.

Cute enough. But once we were in the house, there wasn't a need for two lamps in the guest bedroom and I didn't want a matching pair to go to waste.

I LOVE Krylon's spray paint color "Ivy Leaf". It's the perfect contemporary, funky, but liveable green to liven up an accessory.

The old shades were stained, so I swapped with these tan ones which were left behind by the homeowner. So here's the final final product:

I finally found how they were meant to be. They coordinate perfectly with the green dots in the pillows.

The sofa table the lamps are sitting on was a recent flea market find, but I have to wait to show you when I can refurb it...which can't happen until Ashley decides to deliver our furniture that was "supposed" to be delivered 4 times already. Today's excuse was the weather... That lovely blanket of snow you can see out our front door. I drove to do my job today and they should do theirs. But I'll spare you the rant, and just go enjoy my new lamps!


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  1. very cute!! I love that ivy paint color. I used it to paint a chair for my porch and it turned out great!! Can't wait to see more!!


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