Monday, January 10, 2011

Arctic Blast!!

Our Sunday night prayers were answered when we were greeted Monday morning by a beautiful SNOW DAY! School was closed and so was the clinic, so we suited up in our long johns, grabbed our friends, and went sledding at the levee. Then after we were completely exhausted, warmed up with some comfort food at Cracker Barrel. Here's some pics from our day off!

{Me and Nina}

{Me and Sean}

{Me, Nina, and Sara}

{Logan and Sara making the quad-burning hike back up the hill}

{All bundled up!}

{Pink much?}

{Dev crashing at the bottom.}

{We had an assortment of sleds to try out}

{Growing up is so overrated...}

{The girls racing. Pink is in the lead!}

{I am dreading work tomorrow even more now!}

{Logan and Devin paving a new path}

{Sean getting tackled. Get 'em Nin!!}

{Logan and Sara. Adorable.}

And for your laugh of the day...
Ya know how everyone has that one friend that will do ANYthing you can come up with, without being asked twice? That's Logan.
"Hey, Logan. Go down standing up like you're skiing."

And here he goes:

Happy Snow Daze!


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