Monday, January 31, 2011

Reception Venue

Of all the unresolved issues and yet to be determined decisions surrounding our wedding, it feels comforting to have one thing accomplished. Our reception site has been booked and it's the perfect backdrop for the down-home southern summer reception we are wanting.
We researched, contacted, and visited lots of places, but they all left me disappointed. Nothing felt right.

But Memphis Waterworks was our place.
It's incredibly hard to describe, but it has me and Sean written all over it. It's a bit of an unexpected venue, but it couldn't be more perfect.

Here's a glimpse into the breathtaking venue our wedding reception will take place...

Located about 15 miles from Marion on the corner of Cox and Central, Memphis Waterworks is a store and showroom for outdoor garden decor, fountains, water features, and antiques, all showcased in a 100 year old restored lumber shed.

The red doors open to brick flooring and beautiful iron chandeliers.

Fountains and statues line the brick walkway and greenery hangs from the beamed ceiling.

You can hear the constant sound of the fountains and water features as you walk all around.

I love how beautiful and aged the wood is. And there are old windows on display.

Each far wall is lined with antique doors for sale imported from all over the world.

A step-up level is floored with hardwood as old as the shed. Quaint seating areas are in each corner.

What I wouldn't give for a front door like that first one!

There's so much opportunity for a wedding reception. The large fountains can be used for serving platters and decoration.

As beautiful and whimsical as the inside is, the courtyard is just magical to me!

The big fountains and the lighting make for such an ambient atmosphere.

There's a koi pond by the patio with boston ivy and all the trees are lit with twinkle lights.

A white tent will be up in the courtyard where the band will set up.

We're praying for a cooler July weekend like we had last year. It may seem like a long shot, but I'm hoping everything will be pleasant and enjoyable.

I've been plagued with sickness for what seems like forever now, but I'm trying to power through to get some things worked out. We may not have music, food, a cake, or a dress yet but we have a place for all of them when we do!


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  1. This place looks fab!! I can't believe I've never been there. You need to check out these bouquets
    When I saw these I kept thinking how great and unique it would be and definitely not something you would see around here. Good luck with the rest of your planning.


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