Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flea Market Vanity turned Sofa Table

I had been on the hunt for a sofa table for our living room, since the back of our couch faces the entry way. I found this old vanity, with a pull up center mirror at my west memphis flea market and, after a little bargaining, bought it for $35.


You know the drill...sand, clean, spray paint, seal.

I used Krylon spray paint in Espresso for the body and Rust-oleum Aluminum Hammered finish for the top. Then I used my finger and Rub-N-Buff for the contoured edge along the front and sides.

I used some more green spray paint in Ivy Leaf for the handles and knob and coated with polyurethane. It wasn't completely set when I took the first pictures so it looks a little more glossy than real life.

And here's the finished product...


The vanity mirror that we'll just use for hidden storage...

With my pineapple lamps...

The hammered top...

I saw a sofa table that looked almost exactly like it after I bought it at a local discount decor store. It was not $35, but $135. Love that!


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  1. you are very handy!!! i did not know this i will have to talk to you about props!!

  2. OMG!!! I just bought the EXACT same one at a thrift shop in Cincinnati!!! It was $30 (marked down from $60) ... but its not as "new" looking as yours was and the pop-up mirror is slightly warped so when I close it the top is not flush and flat. I thought $30 was a good price considering the flaws and I'll redo it in all white today! Great work on your, love the look!!!

    1. How funny! Here's I actually ended up re-doing it in white as an entry table here:


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