Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And grace will bring us home...

Are you feeling a little neglected? From the "anonymous" posts to the random followers I've run into in the last couple weeks, I know that you are! I'm so sorry to leave you hanging all this time...but I'm about to give the same ole excuses. Life is a crazy whirlwind , I've been going non-stop...yadyada. But it's true! The work week goes by in a one long blur, then the REAL work starts when we try to complete as many projects as 48 hours will allow, weekend warriors style. I haven't been able to find ANYthing in the jumbled mess, but when I unpacked our weight scale I saw just how truly on-the-go I've been lately! It's time to get back to a healthy routine, which you'll be glad to hear, includes regular blog posts!

I can say there is now light at the end of this unsettled, uprooted, chaotic tunnel we've been living in during this move. You are about to be bombarded with ENDLESS amounts of pictures and projects I have to share with you. Coming Soon! I'm so excited for you to see! For now, while things are still pretty crazy at work and home, I'll let you in on a little sneak peek of what's been going on in the house on Delta lately...

We were FINALLY able to move into our home, after over 2 months of anticipation and "in-between" living. On Saturday, October 2nd, we pulled up to our new home with butterflies...

Only to find the owner still there. At the risk of being charged with stalking, we drove one house down to my aunt and uncle's house a waited in the driveway as I called the owner. We weren't desperate or anything...

We waited mere minutes more and were finally able to walk in for the first time as "ours". I walked around with my hand on my heart, not sure what to do and feeling so beside myself. "Is this real?"

We couldn't waste much time being awestruck...we were on a very limited time frame and had alot of work ahead! A crazy 45 mph windstorm was blowing through as we loaded the necessities, our bed and bags, into the house for the first night.

I was so exhausted that night, but felt so at "home". We slept like babies.

Until 5:30 am when both of us were wide awake, ready to get a start on the big move. Lots of amazing friends and family pitched in, and we accomplished so much in a short time.

The kitchen was the most important room for me to get "settled" first. It's the heart of any warm home and deserves the most attention.

Everywhere I looked, my "workers" were unpacking and organizing. I would still be doing it 2 weeks later if it wasn't for them!

Ashley and Owen took a break to snuggle on the back porch! Yes, I allowed breaks in my sweatshop.

The living room filled up with our loot pretty quick. My cousin Marissa diligently unpacked box after box.

Once things had calmed a little, we wasted no time lighting a fire to relax. Remember, a fireplace was a MUST for us!

Bonus points if you can guess how many dogs we collectively had roaming around...

6, I believe! But a home without a dog is no home to me.

We truly have accomplished alot in the 11 days we've been here, but I need this weekend to take pics. Can you give me that? To tide you over, here's the collection of empty "Befores" I took as soon as we walked in the doors.


It was the first room we painted. The scalloped black and white valances are gone and it has a totally different feel now.

We couldn't wait to take the curly-cord phone off the wall! Actually, we didn't wait. It was gone asap.

The Dining Room looking into Entry

Living Room

The GIANT master bedroom...we call our current bed the "Barbie bed" because it looks so tiny in here!

They are about as pooped as we are!

Hang in there while we wrap up a few things this weekend. I hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall as much as I am!


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  1. Looks like the house is amazing Katie! I'm so proud for you! Now can you please send that unpacking crew my way? I've been here 2 weeks and have yet to unpack everything. I'm a little distracted by all the fun things to see and do, I guess! Can't wait to see the afters.. xoxo! Lexy


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