Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dresser makeover-Shabby White Distressed

Our guest bedroom is going to be set up in a shabby, comfy, cottage style. The walls are already a textured faux suede finish that will work perfect with the cozy feel.

The first big piece to be completed for this room was the dresser Sean and I had in our house in Conway. I got it out of our barn after it was left in one of our rental houses. I stained it with a walnut stain and got a good 3 years out of it...But I'm not finished with this baby yet.


For revamp number 2, I sanded it down and painted it Ivory white, then...of course...distressed the edges. I used the same hardware and spray painted it with metallic spray paint in nickel.



Nickel hardware:

An old wrought iron bed is in place and I'm working on finishing up accessories and bedding. What do you think about how the dresser turned out?

Stay tuned for more...


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  1. My childhood dresser looked very similar to was my grandma's dresser and she left it at my mom and dad's when she was remarried and moved out. It became mine. It was distressed, but not on purpose ;) It had brass hardware (ew), but I sure would love to have it again!
    You're so awesome!


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