Sunday, February 21, 2010

~Art Imitates Life~

I've been painting since before I can remember. I started at age 2 using a q-tip with those paint with water coloring books (remember those?!) then got my first art easel for Christmas at age 3. Here's a little video showing my first lessons in mixing colors, the joys of giving my artwork to friends and family, and even the stress of getting projects done! Yes, at age 3. You can also appreciate how far I've come:) i.e. the rainbow and the blue haired portrait of myself!?

My mom was an amazing artist, and her mother painted as well. My dad's mother, my Nonnie, is amazing at oils! They all far surpass me with their professional techniques and perfect detail, but I'm growing as an artist and learning every day. Here I'll post some past works and I will update as new pieces are finished.

"Still Standing"
I painted the twin towers in high school art class at the end of August, as the first piece of the year. This was a couple weeks before Sept. 11. Crazy!

"To Dance..."
A water color and calligraphy from high school as well. It was actually painted off of a photo of Britney.

Marilyn Monroe portrait given to my best friend Lindsay.

Sports Trio given to Sean.

"Daddy's Garden"
Acrylic painting given to Sean's mom in memory of her Dad.

Acrylic painting of Italian Chef given to my friend Jami for her kitchen.

"Make Me Wine"
Painted for my own kitchen.

"Honeymoom in Jamaica"
Acrylic sunset given to my friends Jessica and Brian as their wedding gift.

"Under my Umbrella"
Given as another wedding gift.

"Arkansas Will Never Yield"
Razorback donated to the Boys and Girls Club of WM Auction.

"Wild Orchid Stiletto"
1/4 of a series of stilettos.

"What's Goin On?"
Charcoal sketch of Marvin Gaye from High School.

"Sun Goddess"
Acrylic painting that used to hang in my old apartment.

"The Poop Face"
Portrait of my precious puggle Oliver! Acrylic on canvas.

"She Bangs"
Wedding gift for my bff Meg and her new hubby Taylor.

"Autumn in Memphis"
Landscape given to Sean's parents for Christmas a few years ago.

River rocks I've painted! If you find one with a nice flat bottom, they're perfect to sit on a dresser, coffee table, or entertainment center.

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  1. It looks fantabulous! Not surprised, you're a creative force to be reckoned with! Good job.. :)


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