Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Grays' Home Theater

The upstairs bonus room in our house was destined to become a home theater. And now... home theater it is!

It's been a dream of Sean's to have a movie room for a looong time. He even bought a vintage-style standing popcorn machine via Ebay auction when we were still struggling college kids...just at the chance that one day he would have a movie room to put it in. We popped batches of popcorn using that machine for movie nights in our beat-up rental; spreading a pallet on the crunchy carpet to watch a $1 red box special on our 27-inch screen.

We knew the bonus room would be the perfect fit for our movie room.

Here it is BEFORE:

And NOW...

It's so cozy and cool...and I love the trembling of the sound just like at a real theater.

Sean painted the walls in Wild Truffle, a gorgeous, rich espresso color I fell in love with.
A space was left for the "screen"...

...which is actually just Behr paint in "Silver Screen" with a frame made of MDF molding.

It was hard to capture on camera, but the picture is amazing! It's a 7 foot screen.

He fixed us up with dish and dvr in here so we can watch our tv shows too! You have not seen One Tree Hill until you've seen it on the big screen! (OMG Clay has a baby!??)

He installed the surround sound and projector system himself, running wires through the ceiling and into the attic.

Our favorite movie atmosphere is definitely at the drive-in. We are still working to add natural, outdoorsy touches here and there to give it that comfy, summer night at the drive-in feel.

Another view before:

And After:

To get started decorating, we used 2 sofas accumulated from college and covered them with red slip covers. The chaise lounge was given to us and just happened to coordinate.

I brought the long wall shelf from the art room, painted it black and stained the wood top dark walnut. We keep the "Snack Bar" stocked with movie candy and popcorn fixin's.

Sean's parents gave him a mini fridge for the movie room for Christmas...which is always chilling some bottled cokes of course:)

During our final big move from that rental house to move back home, our friend/roommate let us go through his HUGE collection of movie posters that he accumulated from working for Muvico.

We used inexpensive grapevine orbs that we placed a light kit in and Sean dropped down from the ceiling.

I made the "Now Showing" sign by spray painting an oval canvas with chalkboard paint, drilling holes around the edge with a large bit, and pushing Christmas lights through the holes.

The sign, the lamp, and the lighted branches all turn on and off with the press of a controller button. 1, 2, 3...

Sean hooked them up to a controller you buy for Christmas lights and it's so convenient. And it makes you feel really cool.

I got the tables from a relatives house and they started out like this:

And with black paint and walnut stain, became this:

He completed all the technical work over Christmas, then went out of town for a basketball tournament. I had all the decor in place as his birthday surprise when he got back.

We put in the work and love the reward.

We've already enjoyed many movie nights in here, from Transformers 3 with his family, to The Help for girls' night, to lots of movies just the two of us. And even to my cousin's birthday party!

It's one of our favorite rooms in the house.

"The End."

~The Grays


  1. I LOVE the "the end" above the door on the way out!

    I bounced over to your blog from betterafter and I am loving what I am seeing!

  2. Thank you so very much! Glad you're enjoying.


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