Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paint Chip Organization

Any DIYer...home improver...painter...should do this to their collection of paint chips.

I've rubber banded them, tucked them in the pocket of a folder, stashed them in random drawers...but this one is the perfect way for me.

I bought Binder Rings from the jewelry section of the craft store. The ends separate and close easily...Not like split rings that you find on a key ring.

Took a hold punch to the corner of each paint chip and placed them all on the ring.

I can flip from one to the next so quickly when trying to determine a color. Right now, my stash has mostly blue greens and grays for my upcoming spring break master bathroom re-do.

Now, they can hang on my key rack, stow away in my purse intact and go with me to the paint store whenever I'm ready.

The lady at Home Depot mixing my paint for the staircase project was very impressed when I flipped to the selected riser color and handed it to her, I must say!

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