Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vanity turned Sofa Table turned Entry Table

This little baby has been through its share of transformations...But I swear this one is the last! You've probably gotten sneak peaks of it already if you read the blog. It could be seen in my stair case makeover and mirror collage but you may not have recognized what it was originally. It deserved it's due spotlight in a post!

I bought this vintage vanity at my local flea market over a year ago for $30 and it's probably been the most versatile piece I've owned. I first bought it when I was on the hunt for a sofa table for our living room. I painted it brown with a silver metallic top and it served me well for a year. 

But when I decided I wanted a rattan bench behind my sofa and needed an entry table at the same time, she came into her own. I've really been drawn to light furniture lately; cream, white, and gray. And a white entryway table under my staircase was the perfect purpose for Miss Vanity. 

The FINAL after:

I primed with Zinsser's, and painted with Crisp White Linen, then topped with a clear coat to seal. The knobs were spray painted nickel and I placed my genie lamp, moss ball vase, and Hobby Lobby turquoise vase on top with books of art.

So I reeeeeallllly think this is how she'll stay! But don't be too surprised if in another year I've flipped it upside down and turned it into a 4-post dog bed... :)

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