Friday, May 25, 2012

Chevron Wingbacks and pharmacy lamp

Hey yall...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 

A 3-day weekend could not come at a more perfect time. We both just wrapped up the school year and a little down-time never sounded so good!  We've been working endlessly to tie up loose ends on LOTS of home projects and would like to finish them up in time to truly relax on our trip to Oklahoma City with Sean's softball girls for the world series next weekend.

2 projects were recently deleted from my growing list of DIYs kept in my iPhone's notepad. 
I love watching that list get smaller!
For our living room, I wanted a pair of classic wing-back chairs to place on each side of the fireplace, but I wanted them in a graphic, contemporary fabric. They were a flea market find ($30 each) and I chose to have them reupholstered in a cream, brown, aqua, and rusty red chevron print.

In a second project, I had been loving the look of pharmacy lamps, like this one.
I happened to have an old goose neck floor lamp that was gold and cream in a spare room I wasn't using!

 Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint was all this one took. See the reading light "after" with the new chair! 
Here's what the chairs looked like 

 Pale green, embroidered, and the lady didn't even charge me for all the cat hair stuck to the fabric.
How sweet.


They're just the style I love in our home...
An eclectic take on classic. A fresh take on vintage.

I must confess, this was originally supposed to be a DIY project...Yes, I was going to reupholster these 2 chairs myself. I struggled through deconstructing one entire chair as time allowed over a couple months. Once it was done, I felt an unbearable overwhelming defeat with the thought, "I still have a whole 'nother chair to go!!" And that was just the removal. 

It dawned on me with this attempted project. I have a job. It is being an OT. It is NOT a furniture re-upholsterer. 
The reason I have said job is so I can pay said re-upholsterer to do HER job FOR ME.  
I struggle with paying ANYone to do ANYthing for me when I know I could do it myself. I have to keep telling myself that just because I let the professional do their job, doesn't mean I could not have accomplished it. Eventually. Wouldn't my grandkids have been tickled when I finally finished these beautiful chairs as their wedding present?! 

I knew it was meant to be when I embarked on the 40 minute drive to drop the chairs off at the lady's country home. I was annoyed with myself that I gave in and was going to pay someone. And annoyed to drive 40 minutes x 2 after a long week of work. But 'The Notebook' was being read on Sirius/XM Book Radio right at that time. My drive couldn't have lasted long enough. 

I could have worked all through the summer and {possibly} have finished the chairs that {might} have held together.   
Instead, I put down my pride with the staple remover and one week later, I was blogging from one of my gorgeous new chairs in my living room. 

Just promise me this won't diminish your faith in my DIY ability. I, for once, sought help. 
Hi, my name is Katie, and I can't do everything myself.

But the next one, I did...

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  1. Absolutely fantastic!! I would love for you to send me your upholstery ladies name and number. I too have some projects that need to be finished and I couldn't sew two pieces of toilet paper together if my life depended on it!! My email is Thanks!! These look great!!


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