Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Antique gray end table

I guess if you were just dying to see our living room "After" I've given you enough bits and pieces to fit together like a puzzle. I know...I we moved in a year and a half ago and I still haven't posted an After. But it's a big room and it's been reinventing itself throughout this time to find the right style.

So here's one more piece to your puzzle.   

I was given this beautiful antique end table with metal grates and a brown leather top to use in our living room.

 It was in great condition but after a while it seemed to blend right into our hardwood floors and brown couch. It was so pretty and unique, I wanted it to stand out. 
 I used Gray primer then Krylon's Classic Gray spray paint to coat it. Then distressed here and there to expose the wood underneath.

 I kept the original leather top and didn't spray the grates.

I love the shape of the legs and the spots of wear that the distressing created. The table really stands out but still blends in with the style. Success!
Someday...Eventually...you'll get that full after!!

Until then,

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