Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Front Porch DIYs: table and chalkboard

Hey Yall!

Happy fall days from the Grays!

Around here in Arkansas, if you don't like the weather...just go to sleep and wake up tomorrow! We've been wavering between near freezing temps and warm weather for the last month or so. I braved a windstorm to pose for some post-wedding bridals yesterday and today it was calm and 70!

The tree in our front yard is gorgeous in the fall while it lasts, but it drops leaves of epic proportions! The bright red and orange hit the grass last week, but because we have the friendliest neighbor imagineable, we came home after a long day of work to a mowed and leafless front lawn! How is THAT for southern hospitality?

We've been spending our fall days lately trying to spend a little more time cozied up at home despite our crazy schedules. I've been making progress ridding our garage of misfit pieces that are waiting for an update and a purpose.

I'll be honest, I don't even remember where I got this table. I don't know if I bought it, was given it, or found it...that's how long it's been in our garage.


I painted it sunny yellow and gave it just a subtle bit of distressing to use it as a happy little porch table.

This BIG piece of framed art was the perfect size for a front porch chalkboard greeting.


Nickel spray paint to the frame, chalkboard paint over the glass, and some fun doodling, left me with this...


As crazy as the up and down weather is, we're trying to enjoy the change before the harsh winter hits. We couldn't be happier with weekends of Razorback football and pizza, home projects and family time while we plan for the coming holidays.

I hope your fall days have been abundant with blessings.

~~The Grays

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