Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old Fence Wall Art

Hey guys:)
One of the last dining room projects before the reveal has been finished. A large wall in the dining room was begging for a big statement piece...

When we first moved into our home, the lot was unfenced, but there was a shaded area fenced as a dog run. When Sean and his dad fenced in our yard this past spring, we tore down the dog pen and dragged the remains to the street. Something told me I should hang on to at least one part of the fence to eventually use, (and for sentimental reasons) so I carried one section...all 70 pounds of it...back up to the house.

I started, screwed up, and restarted this project several times...wood working is still not my forte!
It was too hard to separate the planks from the 2x4's so I jigsawed the pieces between the 2x4's. I placed them together in a pattern I liked, changed it a million times, and finally settled on one.

I connected all of them by nailing a board to the back...

...installed the hanger hardware and wire, and hung it on hooks.

I was already out of breath just from lifting it to hang, but when I stepped back to see it for the first time, I gasped with surprise and awe.

It turned out amazing! I did nothing to the wood other than spray a little clear gloss sealer just for protection and sheen. It has such a gorgeous gray, weathered color and even some silver metallic places. Rustic but chic and SO perfect all on its own!

I painted a G for our last name initial and added a tiny quote beginning with the G. I wanted the words to barely be noticeable so I used a light gray paint that blended well with the boards.

It's such a statement and so beautiful.

Pretty proud of myself with this one:) Better pics to come when I finish the whole room so check back with me.

~The Grays

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