Monday, October 3, 2011

Princess Nina is OFF the market!

Hi Friends!

Today, I'm resting my bones from the weekend's wonderful and exhausting events. My precious, dear beautiful best friend Nina wed another of my dear best friends, Devin, in a ceremony fit for royalty inside a breathtaking cathedral. We wined, dined, and danced all night in celebration at the Balinese Ballroom in Memphis. Today, we inhale a deep, relieving breath that yet another wedding has successfully gone down in the books.

The weekend before Nina was to wed, we gathered her girls to show her a good time on Beale Street here in the home of the Delta blues. Armed with purple mens ties for a little sass, whistling lips, and a photo scavenger hunt to complete, we crossed the bridge for a LONG night ahead.

The night began at Alfred's for dinner and drinks on the patio with Alicia, Lydia, Shawnna, Amy...

And Nina and I.

A rose for the bride to be...And all of her friends! The first of many perks to a bachelorette soiree.

Round 1 at the bar with the whole gang.

Cheers...To Nina's last single night out, best friends, and free drinks!

This is just a shot in the dark, but I think she was having a blast! My beautiful friend stands out wherever she goes.

She joined a fellow bachelorette...

...who actually lived in my dorm freshman year at U of A. Random blast from the past!


And friends.

LOVE these girls!

Our photo scavenger hunt had us perusing Beale for some fun.

"...The participant with the highest heels...Cheers with a stranger...kissing the bride to be...standing on a barstool...with someone's tattoo...with someone wearing 'Memphis Tigers'..."

"...With a guy's muscle..with a guy while wearing his hat...with a couple married over 25 years...with Elvis..."

"With a Memphis Cop."
She wanted a challenge. So we found a hardcore spiky-haired lady cop who seemed like she might look at us like we were ridiculous and resist a fun photo.
"Oh SUURE!" She said with a smile.
Nina and I stood with her for 45 minutes chattin it up about life as cop in the downtown precinct. She dashed away 3 times in the midst of our conversations to fight crime, then came back to our spot when the problem was solved. Props to this strong woman for what she does!

"Your whole group under the bar sign"

Midway through our night, Nina was arrested for public intoxication.

No. Of course not. This cop was way too cute to do such a thing.

Back inside Alfreds after our stroll, the antics continued.

Yes Nina. You are the bride.

And this girl will gladly give you an eskimo kiss. Check!

Alicia picked on her.

And so did Amy.

I laughed hysterically. Then cheered her up.

The two of us hit the dance floor for just about any song that came on.


For a change of scenery, we decided to head to 152. In a slight moment of drama, however, the bouncer ripped off Nina's wristband and through it on the ground. Jerk. So, as an alternative, we decided to make the ENDLESS hike to Rehab. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

All of us! Someone knew someone who was know how that we were able to go up/downstairs (I still can't remember which floor we went too) to get away from the laser lights and thumping music to a bar with pretty much just us.

Never ones to turn down something free (how rude would that be?) we didn't argue.

Preparing for Nina's wedding photobooth...

Just like an all you can eat buffet, it seemed like heaven at first...but our eyes might have been too big for our tummies.

After all that, some genius asked for champagne.

Our wish was their command.

Halfway through my 2nd glass, Nina asked me to take a picture of her and...who knows.

Someone apparently wrapped my purse straps around my ankles, made the floor uneven, AND my feet unsteady. Who would do such a thing? With my camera in one hand and champagne in the other, I was hitting the floor by the second step. But don't you worry. The 70 inch flat screen broke my fall:)

Finally back safe and sound on Alfred's patio...

Nina enjoyed Amy's leftover nachos. Classy, that one. Always classy.

We rode home to a warm bed, just beating the sunrise.

We were able to give Nina a night to let loose and forget about the worries and stresses. And took home LOTS of priceless foggy memories.

Mission Accomplished!

~Katie Gray

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