Monday, October 10, 2011

Spray Paint Organization

Any DIYer knows that spray paint is a project staple. I use it for SO many different things and always have a surplus of colors at any given time. I try to keep them contained, but nothing has ever really worked before. Until...

After a marathon weekend of project productiveness, Sean started picking up after us and clearing out the garage. He hung an old shoe rack on our shop door, with no specific purpose at the time. When I saw it, then glanced at my near 30 cans scattered around...Lightbulb!

I can keep over 30 cans organized with every can visible at once, taking up no floor space or cabinet space!

I keep all the materials needed for spray painting too; old rolled up towel drop-cloths, my spray nozzle, painter's tape, etc.

It was so simple, but I had to share!

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