Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Believe!

"Only in the movies. And in Memphis."

I read this quote on a banner hanging in the FedEx Forum as I stood at the top of the arena to pull for a Memphis Grizzlies victory in game 6 of the playoffs. It is certainly true that our story over the past month or two would make a great inspirational sports movie...

A city typically surrounded by negative press is stricken with despair when a historic flood sweeps the region. Families are forced out of their homes and fearing for their lives when their local basketball team arises as the "Cinderella" team of the NBA playoffs, giving loyal locals something to believe in and renewed hope for good things to come. The same week the Grizzlies are fighting in the playoffs, it is announced the president would be coming to Memphis. Booker T Washington High School has been chosen for the graduation commencement speech.

It was a magical time in Memphis, unlike any other. We were given something to believe in. And boy did we! The outpouring of support that the Grizzlies received from Memphis was overwhelming. Playoff tickets for each game completely sold out in minutes and the Forum was packed for every game. We found ourselves completely swept up in the magic of Memphis and believing in our Grizzlies. Sean and I went to 2 regular season games with my company's season tickets, and then went to 2 playoff games.

Grizzlies defeat the Spurs!

With Logan and Sara

This past Friday, we gathered a group of friends to support the Grizz against OKC in game 6. A city already vibrant and spirited, downtown Memphis hummed with an extra excitement and anticipation in the air.

We had dinner on the Beale St. patio of King's Palace with Devin and Nina.

The Beale Street Flippers, of 'America's Got Talent' fame, entertained the fans.

...including some scary ones!

The sweet barbecue smells and bluesy sounds we love were heightened as we all waited for the game to start.

The Memphis victory over the #1 Spurs was the first playoff series win in franchise history.

Us before going into the Forum (or as one of my kids wrote in a sentence, the "form". kids.)

Ready to yell!

Nina, Devin, and a big ass beer.

Dev and Wade

The Star Spangled Banner is one of my favorite songs. Seriously. So my favorite part of any big sporting event is the surprise of who is announced before the game to sing the National Anthem. I was BESIDE myself when the announcer asked us all to give a Memphis welcome to...Al Green!!
His rendition was soulful, southern, and FLAWless. As always, I cried. But take a was truly moving.

In our white-tees.

It's Groowwwwl Towel time!

Gettin Silly

The best fans cheer from the top!
We hollered and screamed like crazy. We were nervous at times but I was always hopeful. I wanted this for them so bad.

And when time had run out, The Fedex Forum made it rain confetti in celebration of a Grizz WIN!!

And the celebration commences...

We continued the celebration on Beale

Ultimately, the Grizzlies went on to lose to Oklahoma City in game 7 away. But this "blue-collar" team gave its blue collar city something to cheer for and be proud of.
Gooooo GRIZZ!


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  1. If you weren't an OT, would you be a journalist? I felt as if I was reading an article written by a seasoned journalist! Always look forward to your posts with all the pictures, descriptions, and well written stories!


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