Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Burlap and Felt Wreath

Fall has officially become one of my favorite seasons. Which doesn't seem like such a compliment to fall, since there are just 4, but it is! I used to think there was nothing special about it...For a kid, it just meant back to school, no more sleeping in, and no more running around barefoot in a swim suit all day long. I guess it's a sign of age, but I crave getting back to the normalcy of a predictable schedule...cooler, comfortable weather...warm comforting fall foods for supper...and football season!

My never-ending list of projects is longer than ever since everything was put on pause with the wedding. This little DIY wreath is the first of several fall projects I've got up my sleeve.

It's gracing my back porch with its presence and has me itching to make more. Surely I can find a door or window in the house for at least 5 more? I LOVE it!!

It started as a green styrofoam wreath...
...Combined with the burlap I had leftover from a dining room project...coming soon...It was simply wrapped around the wreath in long 3-4 inch strips; hot glued periodically.

I didn't use tutorials for making the felt flowers. I just looked at pictures of different flowers I liked and recreated them. But Tip Junkie offers a tutorial she used for this adorable wreath:

I also loved this wreath from Nest of Posies that I drew inspiration from for some of my felt flowers.

I loved the look of the rolled felt strips that made those cutesy, fluffy flowers. To make mine, I just cut a felt circle and several 2-3 inch long strips of felt. I looped the ends to touch each other then hot glued them to the circle, standing up. Only 78 more to go!

This flower was made exactly as it looks. Circles cut in decreasing sizes glued on top of each other, then leaf shapes glued to the back. So cute!

The roses were made by folding a circle in half to form a semi-circle, then rolling it up and gluing like a cone. Then I continued to wrap semi circles around it until I liked the look.

I added sprigs of random flowers I had leftover from DIY'ing our groomsmen's boutonnieres.

Happy Fall Yall:)

The Gray's

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