Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~Field of Dreams~

After purchasing our home, we hadn't been in our new yard 10 minutes before Sean was walking off the measurements for a backyard wiffleball field. His childhood memories of his backyard growing up made it a dream of his to one day have his own.

Once spring arrived we were able to come out of hibernation and bid farewell (we hope!) to the bitter cold and too frequent snow days that this winter brought on. After days of yard work (in our first real yard!) to clean up 15 trees worth of leaves, our flower beds are ready to bloom and I can't wait to see. Sean's childhood fantasy of one day having his own wiffleball field was realized after he finished a few projects to ready the yard for its inaugural day of play.

He built a temporary fence for game days, trimmed back a few trees, and constructed a batter's box. Last Saturday was a gorgeous day for the men to play.

He is so glad to have his own field for friends, neighborhood kids, and one day our own.

At least our puppies can enjoy it now!

He loves it!

He has yet to name the field, as we're still in the brainstorming phase, but two of his favorite baseball movies are The Sandlot and The Natural. Any suggestions are so welcomed!

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