Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our wedding inspiration

A life without love is like a year without summer.
~Swedish Proverb

Have you missed me?? Well, while you've been missing me, I've been treading neck-deep in wedding planning...just hoping I can stay above water. I've hit some roadblocks, it seems, and I am just praying that some things will fall into place soon. One thing I haven't struggled with throughout the process, has been dreaming up the vision.

The vision I have for the wedding reception is the constant that has remained unchanged since we first got engaged. I shared with you the reception site and thought you might also like to see some of the inspiration behind my master plan. Here's what I see in my crystal ball...

I see colors of navy, peach, and green for a summertime, vibrant feel.

I see colorful,whimsical ribbons and light fabrics blowing in the breeze.

{At least I hope there's a breeze!!...}

I see centerpieces of natural elements.
Antiqued finishes...

...And vintage teapots.

I see mason jars for drinking peach tea or mint juleps...

...hanging candles...

...or decorating a southern table with magnolias, peaches and rocking chairs.

I see myself creating handmade wooden signs...

...And serving mine and Sean's drink obsession...

...Coca~Cola Classic:) in tin buckets.

I see a spread of down-home southern food...
fried green tomatoes::crawfish cakes::shrimp n grits::bbq sandwiches::mac n cheese::
...with no dainty pinwheel rollups or tea sandwiches to be found.

I see the sun setting to reveal a Memphis summer night in the Waterworks courtyard...

...With twinkle lights and fountains.

...And a funky southern blues band entertaining outside.

And inside, I see a photobooth to capture all my favorite people that will be there to enjoy it all.

What do you think? Can you see it?


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  1. sounds B-ute-E-ful! I hope it is everything you dream. I love the it all! (especially the silver teapots)


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