Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stocking Our Bar and Seizing Our Clay!

I believe preparing for a wedding...which is in just 2 days me a free pass to not blog for almost a month. Agreed?

I have been able to make time for a little bit of fun and thought I'd throw a rushed post out there to share with you before we head into the weekend's festivities. We are EXCITED times a million for the fun to begin and for our day to come!

Our friends and families helped stock our reception bar with a fun backyard party!

Meg, Nina, Linz, and Bride

Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life who are so good to me!

Like my matron! Who makes every picture we take look like a little school-girl fan standing next to Supermodel Hiedi Klum! But I love her still.

My girls and I came together for BYOB night at Seize The Clay here in Memphis; a paint-your-own pottery studio that allowed us to lug in our cooler of wine for a night of fun and creativity...Sound like someone you know? :)

At the house before heading out.

Anxiously awaiting my project.

The whole crew of artists for the night.

A paintbrush in one hand and wine in the other...My kind of bachelorette party!

Seany scored brownie points by picking up some Irish Car-Bomb Cupcakes for us as a surprise!

And we came prepared!

Van Gogh, Michelangelo, and Picasso

Looks like Linz made an uh-oh! The dreaded "drop of the paint brush" on your work in progress.

Boo-boo lip.

The more we sipped, the better our creations began to look!

Our instructor definitely had her hands full. Poor Abby.

Too Funny!

My finished but un-fired pasta bowl for Dad!

Hayden going to town on her platter painted with her soon-to-be last initial!

Nina and Ash

Meg and the infamous fish. It just might be found in an art museum one day...

Kissy Kissy

Their days are coming in October and December!

And I am HONORED to be apart of both!

The blondies

Me, Meg, and Linz with our pieces.


I didn't get the kiss face memo...

SUCH a fun night! We cannot wait to go back and make some more one of kind masterpieces! Stay tuned for the finished photo of my pasta bowl...It is beautiful!

Wish me luck this weekend. I'll update you after the dust has settled!


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