Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From Her Cowboy Boots To Her Down-Home Roots

Another one of my friends and bridesmaids has taken that walk down the aisle to meet her new husband! I joined Hayden and Ty for their wedding weekend in Lepanto, Arkansas the weekend before Christmas.

Lepanto is a straight-out-of-a-movie small country town...literally.

I mentioned that Lepanto was home to the filming of "A Painted House", the movie based on the book by John Grisham, in this post. The barn next to the house in the movie is where we posed for wedding party pictures, just like we did for mine and Sean's wedding!

We weathered one extreme to the next. In my wedding in July we were sweating in the heat and for hers in December we were shivering in the cold. But we loved every minute of posing in our flirty, brown dresses, cowboy boots, and cotton bouquets.

I'll save you time counting. There were 12 bridesmaids!

The men coordinated in dark jeans and boots, brown jackets, and...why yes...even camouflage ties.

And just to melt your heart a little bit:
It was a magical little town to be driving around at Christmas time. Colonial style houses with wrap around porches were decked with big, colorful hanging ornaments and twinkle lights...The charming downtown, boasting one bar simply referred to as "The Bar", was festively decorated with garland and lights around each old-timey street lamp.

Meghan and I drove around a few blocks after rehearsal dinner, checking out all the houses dripping with southern Christmas spirit. I imagine if we had picked a random door to knock on, we would have been invited in by Uncle Joe and Aunt June for sweet tea and conversation in front of a warm, crackling fire. Or something like that...

Back to the wedding.

Hayden made the flower girls' brown, green, and white tutus herself, which they wore with white leotards, boots, and denim jackets.

Baby Avery was our littlest flower girl!

Kisses from Mae Mae as we wait for showtime.

Punkin was ready for her moment to shine!

All three of them were precious. And apparently told great stories!

In white baskets, they carried cotton to toss onto the aisle like a layer of clouds.

Meeting at the hair salon in the morning and spending the day hanging out in a dressing room is becoming common nature for us two!

Meg and I with our first niece.

When the doors opened, the sweet old man played'Amazing Grace' on the organ as she walked on the arm of her Dad through the wood-beamed church.

For the reception, we came in from the cold to bowls of warm chili for supper.

She was gorgeous. The smile says is all.

Happiness and Love to Hayden and Ty!

With Love,

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