Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Wedding: Getting Ready

The summer sun shined on the morning of July 30th, 2011. I woke up early and drew in a breath of relief that the day had come. Soon, all the preparation and stress would finally cease when I would finally be that man's wife. I put on a baby blue sundress and drove just a mile from home to my hair salon where I was joined by friends.

I applied my makeup in the silent calm of my own bathroom.

Alone with myself. I enjoyed that time before the whirlwind was to begin.

A group of special ladies, composed of family and dear friends, hosted a bridesmaids luncheon for my girls and I.

My hosts, Kay, Teresa, and Aunt Mary. They made the morning classy and special. Peaceful and sweet. Strawberry Chicken Salad, Hawaiian Sandwiches, and a decadent dessert were all apart of the midday pick-me-up we needed. And Peach Mimosas. They were important too.

With my flower girls, Lexie and Ellen-Claire

With the ladies in my life. Mrs. Pam, Joan, Nonnie, and Meemaw.

Family and friends.

Back at the church, just after stepping into my dress, I soaked in a few moments of the peaceful emptiness. I passed all the vacant pews, hoping there would be enough space to hold our most special friends and family. The hush was accompanied by the swishing of my dress on the floor and the ceiling fans humming over the aisle in preparation for the warm summer evening.

It was like being on an empty, quiet stage just before opening number of the final dance recital or in a quiet gym just before the big game. Feeling that space out of its element is so serene. The calm before the storm.

I wore ruffled, summer wedges...

...And my ring with the diamond my mom used to wear.

My bridesmaids each wore a different dress in a light shade of peach. I made each of them a wooden hanger with their name.

Airy and flowy. Summery and fun.

With a few hours before showtime, the wedding party met at the farm for some priceless pictures. In the 6 months that have passed, I have almost forgotten how the late July southern heat felt on my skin while standing by that barn! But I am sure those guys would be quick to remind me...

After the boys pictures were taken, Sean and I made our way around opposite sides of the farmhouse to the open area where we sat for an autumn picnic on September 12th, 2010; the day he asked me to marry him.

We're finally here. It's been a long but fast 7 year journey but this day came not a moment too soon. Or too late. Every breath, every change, every passing year developed and grew us into... us. The two people who could stand there that day on the verge of such a commitment, with unequivocal sureness and ease.

Upon seeing each other, there were no nerves. No anxiety. But butterflies of excitement. We knew undoubtedly we would see each other before the ceremony. We didn't see why we should stay apart on a day that is all about us together. A day we knew would disappear in a flutter. We were relieved to be able to enjoy the rest of OUR day together.

I made the gardenia hairpiece that I wore. One flower had a yellow butterfly pin in the center and the other, a peach flower.

I also made the guys boutonnieres and pocket squares.

Sean and his guys wore light gray seer sucker suits. The embodiment of a southern, summertime wedding. They wore them with classic white Converse Chuck Taylor low tops.

My girls and I traipsed through the garden to the barn for pictures.

Time was drawing near, but it seemed to hang on pause.

My flower girls were absolutely precious. They wore white sun dresses with flower halos that I made for them, and barefoot sandals.

Their mom, my cousin Jenni, with cousins Emily and Elizabeth constructed the sandals of organza ribbon, beads, and flowers.

I tried to cool down after coming in from the heat. Glistening sweat does not lend itself well to your wedding day debut!

Fred and I in the dressing room. We are used to getting ourselves all ready for showtime!

I peered out the church door window as our guests arrived. Don't you wonder what I was thinking?? Well...I was wondering just how well my whole look would hold up in the afternoon shower that suddenly came upon us just moments before we had to walk out to the church entry way!

I think we made it alright. We huddled in the foyer just moments before.

Come visit me again soon for our ceremony!

Visit our wedding page for more.

With Love,
Katie Gray

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Canon Reed, The Wedding Belles

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