Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

My Mother-In-Law, Pam, claims that I have created a monster in her. (Monster-in-Law?) No. She's sweet as can be, but what she is referring to is the fact that my ever-revolving carousel of project transformations and "can-do" attitude for DIY'ing has become contagious. She's now been bitten with the diy bug and her first BIG project is complete!

She's been wanting to update her early 90's kitchen cabinets for a while. I knew she might think I was crazy. But I offered my advice anyway.

"If you're going to re-do your cabinets, you should definitely take down the upper peninsula cabinets. They block the view and make it more outdated."

Just a few "before and after" inspiration photos later, and she was on board.

Here's what the kitchen looked like




I know it can be overwhelming picking a paint color, as I lived with 10 paint chips taped to my cabinets for a week. So I picked 3 almond/putty colors for her to choose from and she picked SW "Bungalow Beige" right away. Perfect, because the design changes she's been making lately in her house make it feel like a warm and cozy bungalow.

Before, I was the only one in the family that could see into the dining room and living room from the kitchen! For every other average to tall member, the cabinets blocked the view. You had to duck down (except me:) to have a conversation.

NOW, it's airy and open all the way through two rooms.

The color is urban and contemporary. A bit more of a "putty" taupe/gray than it appears in the pictures. Perfect! Now that the cabinets are updated, she'd like to give the counter top a facelift as well.

She used Sherwin Williams' Oil Based Multi-Purpose Primer after Liquid De-Sander and light sanding on the cabinet fronts. I spray painted her hardware Krylon's Brushed Metallic Nickel.

And now she's off to take on the next big bang. I'd say she's off to an amazing start!!

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  1. What a great change! I was wondering if she was going to add anything to the end of the uppers? I think some shelves to help elongate the area in line with the countertop would be a fun change. Maybe something to think about after the new counter tops go in. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for the comment! My only thought so far had been a hanging pot rack but it would be too out of the way for actually using while cooking. Shelves would be a great idea. Thanks again:)


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