Friday, December 14, 2012


Have you missed me?
I've missed blogging.
And reading blogs.
And uploadng pictures.
And pinteresting aimlessly with my feet propped up for a free minute and my trusty laptop warming my lap.
We've been without it FOREVER now (translation: 2 weeks) as it's been shipped off to get fixed.
And it will still be a little while. Sigh...
I have about 18 topics to share (seriously) so I'm more than ready to get it back.
Living Room...Bedroom...Art Room...paintings...Christmas Home Tour...My husband's recent venture into sumo-wrestling...
Not kidding.
Hang in there with me.
I shall return.
Until then, this face says I'm sorry...
...And you know you can't be mad at that face...
Hopefully coming back SOON!

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