Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sean's Sumo Career

 A local church held an event designed to draw youth in the community into the youth group. Several faculty members from the school, including Sean, were asked to Sumo wrestle against each other. Word spread of who all would be taking part, and the turnout was huge. Hundreds of kids filled that gym to see their favorite teachers, coaches, and administrators act a fool.

 Of the 9 fights featured on the lineup, Sean's was next to last. He would be up against Coach Clay, the head basketball coach he works with. 



I can't tell you how much I laughed before he ever even made a move. It was hilarious in person!

The slippery socks were a must. All for entertainment value. 

Sean ran and jumped to bounce off of him. 

 Coach Clay threw him... the ground into the crowd of kids.


 In the end, Sean won by count of 3-1, although I'm not sure it matters.
But I am sure he would say it does.
Either way, it was so much fun and all the participants were such great sports for putting on the show for the kids.

Til Next Time!
~The Grays

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