Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fresh and Airy Art Studio

 I just recently got around to giving my art room a fresh coat of paint and a carpet removal. For 2 years, I tolerated the electric lime and raspberry splashed on the walls of this room, for lack of energy and lack of time. I just couldn't bare to paint another room or rip more strips of carpet. 


But now its done and I can paint and create without getting a headache!  


First up was removing the beige carpet, already spotted with multiple uh-ohs from paint splatters and spills. After tossing it all out, I gave the subfloor a sweeping, caulked and wood-filled the gaps, and then sanded it all lightly to make smooth. I used SW Porch and Floor Paint in Glidden's Olivewood (2 coats), coated with Pro Finisher Water Based Polyurethane (2 coats) then installed quarter round to the base board. Phew!! The floor process was a little tiresome, but not difficult to complete. 

Finally, the walls were painted in SW Fragile Beauty.

It's fresh and clean. An airy, blank slate for injecting color into works of art. 


I still use my Meemaw's butcher block that I painted white and stocked with art supplies. 
(On the shelf; my abstract straw art from first grade :)

On one open wall, I hung my open back frames that had been dispersed among closets and shoved in corners. Now they're visible, accessible, and look pretty cool while waiting for the canvas to fill them.

On the opposite wall I hung random pieces of art, paintings that don't have a place in our house, and some paintings just waiting to be painted over.

I love the color and sheen of the floors and they wipe up easily. 
I keep the bulk of the art supplies and crafty things tucked away in the closet to maintain a clean and open space.

I keep it quiet in here. 
Billie Holiday sings. I paint. 
Winning combination.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You're right--so light and airy! I love the painted subfloor. I have these myself in both my living room & dining room. So easy to clean & maintain. My dining room even has a handpainted fleur de lis in the center. :-) I'm a brand new reader & love your blog & your style.


  2. Wow, what a difference! Much calmer and I would think it would make it much easier to concentrate on what you are working on without those super bright colors jumping out and distracting you. Thanks for describing so well how you finished the floors.

    I usually just skim over blogs, but yours is really interesting and informative. I've been reading over it for more than an hour now.


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