Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY Over-Fridge Wine Rack

I built me a wine rack, yall!

Our kitchen has been undergoing alot of character building lately. What was an outdated, blank-slate kitchen with no built-ins or "character nooks", is now becoming a more customized and functional space. You can remind yourself how our kitchen started here and here and here

The mini-cabinets everyone has over the refrigerator were never used for much in our house. 


I decided to create a built-in wine rack to utilize and showcase the space, like this picture shows.

I loved the look of the X cube wine racks, like this one from Pottery Barn.

I considered buying a ready-made wine rack with the correct dimensions and placing it inside. 
I couldn't let myself do that. It's too easy.

I couldn't even buy wood for the slats at Lowes or Home Depot. So this is what I did...

I first removed the doors, then the random assortment of screws, pictures, magnets, and a wedding invitation I had misplaced before rsvp-ing...oops.

I sawed off the center vertical piece of wood then painted the inside to match the cabinets. 

I found 2 wood crates at Jo Anns ($12 each) that when placed side by side were the perfect length to fill the cabinet.

 I painted both crates the same color.

I bought 2 pieces of scrap shelving from ReStore for $2 each and cut my pieces to create the "X" slats to separate. 
For each crate, I needed one 19.5"x9.25" piece.
And two 9.25"x9.25" square pieces.

 I placed the 3 wood pieces inside to insure that they fit, then used mending plates to connect the 2 smaller pieces. 

I screwed the mending plate into the front facing side, bracing the two small pieces together like a bridge over the long piece.

Then, I slid it out...

 and flipped those pieces so that the mending plate was now at the back of the crate. 
I placed the large piece in between, and installed the second mending plate on the front facing side. This way, the 2 separate pieces were connected at the front and the back.

 I painted everything and waited so impatiently for it to dry.
I ended up needing to saw about 1/8th of an inch from the inside edge of the open cabinet to have just enough room to slide the crates inside.  It just took a minute.

And with that, it was done!

 I propped my wine painting from my old apartment on a brick over the cabinet, with a wine bottle, wine jug, and wine glass.

Now I most certainly need more than 6 bottles of wine. 
I will need to buy some more.


Two, $12 crates + $4 in scrap shelving + paint and mending plates on hand = $28 wine rack. 
But having the wine so accessible at my fingertips...

OR dangerous.
We'll see... 

Be Merry!


  1. I found your blog from better after. I have to say I absolutely love every one of your posts and furniture transformations! You are very creative! I wish I could comment on every single post. I really loved your DIY custom built in fridge! amazing!

    1. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me! Thanks a bunch:)

  2. serious face - ah-mazing! i found your blog today via better after and about two hours later i am STILL drooling! you do great work lady!! ahhhh, i live in IL and i'm getting ready to buy a make-it-a-home, home and i think you need to make a trip up here. lol. seriously - awesome projects!! pat yourself on the back sister.

  3. I would love to know how you did the refrigerator. I bought a used one and want to update it for my new house.


  4. Love, love, love your projects. And, you're a Southern lady, to boot! I will definitely be following your blog :)

    -Katie M.


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