Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen Update: White Island

I was so happy with the way my kitchen cabinet makeover turned out that I almost didn't even notice the hideousness of the island while I was waiting for a chance to complete it. I painted all the cabinets in "Frozen Vanilla" and glazed them, which I showed you here.

It sucked so much steam out of me...and time...that I needed a bit of a break before redoing the island. I originally planned to go dark with it, but a quick glance at Paula Deen's kitchen one day while watching her show sealed the deal that all white was the way to go for our kitchen.

It was bright and airy and all looked like one, seamless unit, as opposed to disjointed.

Disjointed, like...this:

This is what the kitchen looked like with the largest part, the cabinets, completed. I didn't realize just how bad it looked while it was waiting for me to finish it all! It took a while to carve out the time...and muster up the motivation to get back to painting...but I'm absolutely tickled at the FINAL, final results.

Here's what the kitchen looked like BEFORE the cabinet project was started:

Even Oliver had to mean mug at the ugliness of those cabinets.

Here's the...


Another BEFORE:

Halfway done:


It finally looks like it is the way it's supposed to be.

In comparison, the island was obviously a MUCH quicker process, but the steps were the same.

Remove the drawers, doors, and hardware...sand until you go

...Revel in the beauty.
The last step is always my favorite.

In the above pic, you see how nicely the cabinets flow into the new board and batten treatment I added to the sitting area.

I actually had run out of the Ralph Lauren Smoke glaze I borrowed from a friend for the cabinets, so I used brown paint I diluted with a little water. The same principle applied...brush on and wipe off, brush on and wipe off, until you get the look you want. It worked great!

Of course, and as always, there's still a few things I have up my sleeve for this room. Is it ever done? No. And that's the fun in it.

I picture pendant lights over the island and still have plans for re-stained dark hardwood floors and new appliances. But the hard work is DONE SON!

Hope you enjoyed:)

~The Grays

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  1. Looks great Katie! Thanks so much for submitting it, I should have it up within the next 2 week. Have a great day!

  2. This looks great! And since I am currently painting my kitchen cabinets white and painting the counters graphite with ASCP, I truly feel the pain you endured! Beautiful.


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