Monday, January 16, 2012

Elephant Book-Ends

Happy Monday! Oh how I would love to have today off, like my husband. But I'll be renewing my CPR certification this am and then working the rest of the day like normal. Enjoy MLKJ Day if you are lucky enough to have the day off!

I whipped out one little project last night. I had one of those slumps of a weekend where I tried so hard to get a bunch of projects accomplished but the cards just didn't fall. We had a really busy weekend too, but a good one.

I worked overtime, then it was ball game time Friday night. Sean took the team out of town Saturday morning and I had a continuing education course. We spent Saturday night at his parents for MIL's birthday (Happy Birthday Mrs. Pam!) then went to church Sunday to hear her sing. We went straight to the hospital to visit Nonnie then to visit newborn baby cousin Aliya. I just couldn't go a weekend without finishing a project so...

I just glance at this finished one and SMILE. It took all of 5 minutes and is one of my favorite projects EVER. I'm no stranger to spray paint and usually have a collection of odds and ends at any time waiting to find their new coat. But when I saw these gold spray painted elephants on The DIY Showoff I knew that was exactly what I wanted. I also knew Dad's attic would hold my treasure. After shoveling through toys for just a couple minutes, I found a perfect pair of toy elephants!

It is a magical attic, and a DIYer's paradise! These toys were sad and useless. One even looked dead. What a shame to go to waste all those years...makes me think of Andy's toys in Toy Story that didn't get played with when Andy grew up:(

I coated them with white primer just to make sure the gold top coat was bright. I used a gold metallic by Krylon. After they dried, I placed them on the mantel on either side of a collection of books.
And then stared in awe. How beautiful and proud do they look now!? And they should be. If I did not have them, well, my books...they would just...fall over. That would be terrible. Yes, I needed these elephants. Stand proud!

And our mantel needed some books too. Now we look smart.

Until Next Time!!

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