Monday, February 18, 2013

Movie House Inspiration

 When I'm watching a movie with a great set, I spend more time daydreaming than following the plot. I get lost examining the molding, the floors, the architectural details...Especially if it's an old southern plantation home or farmhouse. So much so, that now even when I do gasp at a thrilling or exciting part of a movie, Sean will say, "I know, you just LOVE that doorknob."

Two movies in particular feature houses that I've picked apart and drawn inspiration from for our own house.

We recently watched The Lucky One (Sean's independent redbox pick:) and I fell in love. Another Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-movie, it follows a marine returning home from war, who travels to the Louisiana to pay thanks to a stranger whose picture he attributes with keeping him safe. The woman lives in an old, white farmhouse where she runs a dog kennel. 
Dogs, old homes, and the southern life...we knew we were in heaven!   

 I knew while watching it, that this home had more authentic character and "life" in it than most movie sets, and after reading about it, I learned why.

The old farmhouse used for the movie was a sugar plantation in the 1800s just outside of New Orleans. 
After Hurricane Katrina, the home owners were able to salvage most of the furniture that was original to the farmhouse and it was used in the movie as well.
The production designer said the woman living in the home lived to be 98 years old. While preparing to film, they kept finding her paintings hidden throughout the house. With the family's permission, her artwork was displayed throughout the home in the movie.

"She finally got her show,” she said.

The grandmother in the movie, played by Blythe Danner, painted in her art studio just off the kitchen, so it all tied together so well.

Of course there's a breathtaking porch, where they've put a wooden kitchen table and chairs. I looove this idea. The brackets on the screen door are classically southern too. 

I don't have a screen door yet, but it's on the list!
The glass front cabinets are gorgeous, but still not practical for me. I can barely reach them so things often get tossed that extra 3 inches while I cross my fingers that nothing breaks. 

 I think I gasped when I saw this frame. I saw so many things...the white railed porch and black shutters, a black door with old white door knob, sunbeams through the window on the hardwood floor, transom window, chalkboard, and antique pendant lighting.

 The shutters in this shot, overlooking the rose garden, appear to be operable. So charming!

There are alot of black interior doors in this house and they look so gorgeous with the white casings and antique wood furniture. I bought my black paint months ago but haven't taken the plunge yet because in my house, wherever there is a door, there are 4 or 5 right beside it. I'm not sure if I'm going all in or if there can be a mix of black and white.

 This set had white doors too, but each stands on its own. Hmmm. I also really like that smoky antique blue color.


 I love those schoolhouse lights.

 They give such a soft glow.

This house also mixes the white trim with some dark trimwork, seen here. Gorgeous and rich, but I don't think I'd ever go that route.

As with any farmhouse, there was also a barn. Oh how I love a dusty old barn full of treasures.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll find an old farmhouse that needs some tlc and a family to call it home.
{Screencap source}

The second movie, Life As We Know It, is much more pottery-barn inspired and not as "old" but there were so many things that I drew inspiration from. 

I love all the natural jute/rattan/woven material in light colors, which is what I chose for our living room blinds. It's a perfect mix with the gray flagstone fireplace and white cabinets.

Our kitchen has a sitting area attached like this one, and I really like that bench seating. I've been on the lookout for an old church pew to use like this for years.

More of that bench seating in white, mixed with dark furniture. And I like the plantation shutters too.

I think the mix of calm neutrals with that vibrant but peaceful abstract is perfect.
Screencap source

We went to see "Safe Haven Saturday night for a delayed Valentines date. I had not anticipated a movie more than this one in a long time. After reading the book just before and picturing so many scenes and sets in my mind, I hoped to see detailed views of a fixer-upper cottage in the woods and a North Carolina family home. 



I just wanted to scrub that gorgeous, dirty paneling clean...And pick up a brush and help her paint that yellow floor!


In the book, she spruces up the cottage with minimal funds and elbow grease, but I don't remember seeing too much of it in the movie. I can't wait for it to come out on dvd so I can study it all.
{The family home}

I could tell it would be one of those movies I can watch a million times. The scenery, sets, and sunsets were beautiful. Another inspiration source to add to the files!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I LOVED the house in The Lucky One! Absolutely charming. The black trim and doors are what caught my attention also. Go for it! I painted my doors black last year and haven't been sorry for a second!

  2. Okay, now I've got to see "The Lucky One". I already wanted to because of the previews, but now I've also got the excuse of checking out the house. Thanks for the heads up!


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