Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bark in the Park: Travelers Game

We’re all for any event that's dog-friendly! They’re always fun, interesting, heart-warming and definitely comical. Last night, Sean and I…and Oliver of course…went to Bark in the Park, a night where dogs are welcome to attend an Arkansas Travelers (AA) baseball game at Dickey-Stephens Park.

Standing in line to get our tickets at Will Call, each owner with a dog beside them, we smiled at all the different, beautiful, and some interesting, breeds present. The gorgeous black pit bull right behind us, the out-of-breath bulldog panting in front. It was a sea of lovable, precious animals.

All people with dogs sat on the grassy hill, where the dogs could interact with each other or keep to their family.

Oliver, no surprise, wanted to introduce himself to every person and dog there, by walking up and sitting in front of them with a smile or a sniff.

Most were friendly. Some were not. He didn’t care. That's my poop.

He loved it. He was so happy.

{Me and my boy}

{Sean and Oliver on our palette.}

Of the huge crowd of dogs, the cameraman approached Oliver for his 15 seconds of fame, but a group of girls walked right in front of him, blocking his chance at stardom.
How rude...

But, he was just too cute to pass up. I was so focused on stuffing my face with my frito-chili pie, that I didn’t notice when the cameraman came back a while later. When Sean said, “KK, look!” we were on the big screen.

Oliver was sitting, staring right at the camera with a smile (His picture-crazed mama trained him well!) I smiled and waved, then looked over at Oliver who gave me a kiss on cue, and the “Aww”s ensued.

{We were famous! For a second.}

{My “Puggle Radar” sensed that one was running by. His name was Harley and his parents brought him to meet us so he could play with Oliver.}


He sat right beside us and we dubbed him “Gorilla.” He was the most humongous dog I’d ever seen and SO darn sweet.

When we were walking Oliver to take care of business, we overhear someone say “That’s the dog from “I Love You, Man”!

{It should've been him.}

{7th Inning Stretch}

{Getting sleepy and snuggling up. It was past his bedtime...}


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