Monday, May 17, 2010

Backstreet Brawl Wiffleball 2010

As much time as I spend at Cantrell Park (aka Sean's parents' backyard) I figured it was about time for a wiffleball tournament post. I snapped alot of pics this particular tournament because Mrs. Pam needed some shots of Snake to send to the Wiffleball Hall of Fame, to which he's being inducted in July.
Oh, you hadn't heard??
...It's kind of a big deal.
We're heading to Cincinnati for the big event. You can check him out on ESPN. :)

Here he is with Woody, who I lent my artist's hand to a little while back. Actually, just a few minutes ago, I was commissioned to paint a "Woody" for an up-and-coming wiffleball field in town, so check back to see how that turns out!

After lots of bad weather threatened to cancel, Saturday turned out to be one bright, hot and sweaty day. Here's some of the spectators who braved the heat. And Oliver getting some lovin' from a cutie-patootie. I can't wait til he has a lil one to play with!

{Oliver and Princess}

{Sean and his Dad}

{Sean, Joe, and Snake of the Hooters Bomb Squad}

Now for some shots of wiffle in action...




Sean's dad looks on as he throws out a pitch. I'm just looking at how neatly lined up Sean's hairline is...Man, I've gotten pretty good at that!

His batting facial expressions are the best.

{Mrs. Pam and her Princess}

{Me watching with the babies}
One of these days...pretty soon now...we won't have to drive 2 hours every time there's a tournament. I admire his dedication, but can't wait to cut down on all the travel time.
Oh, for the love of wiffleball.

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