Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slip Off Shore

Last weekend, Nina and Devin came to Conway to spend a day on the lake with us. When they got to town friday night we went to Bears Den for pizza and drinks.

...and suffered through some awful karaoke renditions of Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga.

Saturday morning, Nina and I took all 4 dogs for a long, 90 degree walk on the Salem trail to wear them all out before we left them for the day.

And it definitely worked!

When Sean got back from his teaching orientation in LR, we loaded the boat with food, drinks, and a lake mix on the Ipod then headed up the road to Beaverfork.

{Devin, Justin, and Sean}

We couldn't wait to get on the water. It was our first lake day of the summer! The weather was gorgeous and it was a great day for relaxing.

{Me and Nina}

They brought the Turbo charged Honda jet ski!

And took it for a spin.

Me and Nina toured the lake for a little house hunting.

And this is the one we will be buying one day...

Dream big!

Sean took to the water with his wake-skis.

Then J-Young gave it a go.

Not to be outdone by the boys, Nina took a turn.

That's my girl!

{Nina and Dev before his turn.}

{Me and the boys}

{Me and the boy}

{A loving stare across the boat.. Haha:)}

{Our baby cozy in his cool cave!}

{Us girls}

Oliver is so handsome in his life jacket!

Laying out. On the lake. In the sun. With a strawberry margarita.
This is the life!

{Nina and the poop on the way in.}

{The captains pulling us up to the dock.}

Back at the house, we were sun-drained and starving. While the boys worked on fixing the jet-ski after a mishap on the lake, Nina and I fixed BBQ pizza for dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Dylan came by after work and joined us for dinner. And Oliver was so happy to see him!

We joked and laughed with no tv after dinner. It was a great time.

The big boys were still a little tired from our walk.

Tiger bear even dozed off sitting up, poor guy!

Too much excitement for one day:)


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