Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend @ Spring River

I spent Memorial Day weekend doing one of my favorite things at one of my favorite places...camping at Spring River. We had a huge group of 17 and were so pumped to spend a couple days in the water, under the sun, with a drink in hand.
Here's the movie version of the fun we had this weekend...

We woke up at 4:30 am Friday after just a few hours of sleep to try to get a good spot and set up. After driving around packed Many Islands, we heard through the grapevine that a church bus was about to roll out, so we snuck into their spot before anyone else could see that they had left. We got lucky!

Spring River is all about making new "friends" instantly with all the other crazy campers...In this case, Nina and this lady share a love for "Party in the USA" which we blared despite the guys' protest.

The whole first day, we hung out in the river and relaxed. The guys tossed the football around...

And played on the tree swing...

And we sipped a cold one from our lawn chairs...

{Me and Sean}

{Nina being stinkin' cute as a button!}

{And lovin' on her buddy.}

Back at our campsite, I made some delicious cajun burgers, popped a cold coke and we ate by the fire. There is nothing better!

It was a wild night for some of us. We witnessed a bad-A girl fight, a campsite barricade their area with caution tape to ward off a psycho drunk girl, and ran off a confused individual who busted in one of our tents searching for Dave...We know no Dave!

After Friday night, it was doubtful ALL of us would be able to get up by 7 to get ready for our float trip, but amazingly everyone was ready for game time.

Being Memorial Day, the game wardens were ready too, and out in full force. We were good...for the most part. :)

{Me and Seany}

{Nina and Ashley}

{Me with my boyfriend and boy-friend. :) }

{Mr. and Mrs. Smith}

{The single ladies! Sort-of.}

{'Prickles' on the river!}

{Hanging out at an island stop.}

{Justin and Joanna}

{Too cute!}

{Sean and his girlfriend and girl-friend.}

{Goofin' off}

{Some of the group}

{She's a hippie}

{And so is she.}

{AJ and Jennifer practicing the honeymoon pose.}

{Sean, Me, and Devin}

{Awesome boys!}

{Jennifer, Ashley, Me, and Joanna with our island flowers.}

{Me and Joanna; The little ones.}

{Chris Henry!}

{C'mon ladies, am I that heavy?? :) }

{Anna, partying horizontally.}

{We obviously had a good ole time!}

{Me and Nina Ballerina. Our anniversary pic.}

{Me and Anna with our sweet furry friend.}

{Chris and Anna. So cute!}

{Ashley and Sean in the warm water. NOT!}

{The girls! Most of us...}

We had a blast. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend!


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